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Im a total newbie to home automation but I’ve done a lot of reading on these forums and im ready to jump in and get my feet wet. All the info is a little overwhelming with all I want to do eventually but I figure if I take it in little steps at a time it will be ok.

I figured my first step would be to start building my hybrid core.  I have been starting to get the parts together for a while now and ready to jump into putting it together. The hybrid is going to be down in the basement in my den/office. Once I get the hybrid setup I want to put 2 Media Directors (Living room, bedroom). Here is my hardware plan

Already have:
Case :
MB :
Boot Drive : 250Gig WD SATA 7200 rpm Drive

Planning to get
Media Drives : 3 of these in  RAID 5
2nd NIC :

I already see that the MB might be a problem. I thought when I bought it a couple months ago I saw that it was compatible on here but searching now i don’t see anything on here saying whether it is or isn’t so im going to give it a try and if I run into problems then I’ll pick up a nVidia video card to use instead of the onboard video.

The next problem I have is with picking the video capture card. Ive built hundreds of PCs but I’ve never worked with any type of video capture or MythTV, etc so this part of it is pretty new to me. Right now I have Comcast with the HD package but no premium channels. I want to be able to DVR regular and HD content and be able to record 2 shows at the same time.

From looking through all the user setups and the tv card wiki it looks like this Hauppauge card fits best Seems like that’s kind of an old card and hard to find for sale in the US so wanted to find out if anyone has used any of the newer Hauppauge cards. I saw some threads in the forum about needing templates for the newer cards but I have no idea how to do that.

The other issue is looking at is which version to go with. I see 810 is in beta now but im leaning towards still going with the 710 since this is my first time. How far along is the beta and would 710 still be the recommended version for newbies? Im fairly familiar with Unix just not with Ubuntu or LinuxMCE.

Id love to hear any other suggestions and ideas anyone has. Ive read a lot of the info but since some of the stuff is a year or two old its hard to tell what info is old and outdated and what still applies. Thanks in advance

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