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Feature requests & roadmap / Stacked Core?
« on: June 25, 2009, 04:16:00 am »
I have a suggestion/feature request: stacked core
Here's an example:

say there is a large RV with several TV's, several MD's and a Core.

While away, the Core would take pre-downloaded media, DVD's, and a sat. and send it to the MD's. No link to home.
While home, the Core could be connected to the home Core (via cabled ethernet or wifi) and the two Core's would share recorded shows and DVD's. How easy would this be? Would it be as simple as manually copying the files from one core to the other? Could a system like this be programmed into the UI so this could be automated by the MD's on the rv core's net or the core's webui? Could the home core use the rv core's Sat tuner if the tuner was connected directly to the rv core? One other thing, could calls be routed to the RV while at home?


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