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Users / Weird Start Issues
« on: September 11, 2009, 06:51:05 pm »

I recently updated my NVIDIA drivers for a 9400 GT to the most recent and my hybrid looked MUCH better.  In an effort to fix my resolution issues (I wasnt able to use my 1280x1080's full resolution), I tried to restart it in the setup scenerio.  Now every time I boot, it looks normal but after it finishes loading the orbiter interface, the screen goes black and my monitor says "NO DVI INPUT."  Ive checked the cables and tried a VGA one as well but nothing seems to work.  Advice/help/suggestions for what I can do?


Hi ya'll--I'm back with more questions for the LMCE community.

I installed 810 and bought a USB-UIRT for my setup but I am struggling to do several things:

1.  The USB-UIRT will not be recognized by my system--Well, it's recognized but hangs the boot process at either 84% or 92% of the way every other time (It gives me an error messaged the other times, saying that there is improperly installed hardware.
2.  I have a 21.5" 1080P monitor that I purchased for use with my system but unfortunately, I cannot get LMCE to use the highest possible resolution.  This is a link to the screen:  The highest resolution is 1920x1080--If you can help me with instructions which will allow me to use the screen to its full potential, that'd be awesome.  It is connected by DVI to a Nvidia 9400 GT card.
3.  I also have noticed that with 810, I am no longer drawing images from Flickr for my background.  Any ideas why this is happening?
4.  Another thing that I had in 710 and is no longer present is the control window in the KDE desktop environment.  Is there a way to get that back?  Sometimes if I stay in the KDE environment for a while the orbiter wont start back up again.  Is there a key combination to regen the orbiter?
5.  Can I use my LMCE hybrid as a more or less "automatic" backup for my Macbook Pro?  Is that a possibility?  I have a 500 GB hard drive in it with not much on it and was hoping that if the MBP was connected to the internal LMCE network I could set up a backup agent somehow.

Thanks so much!

Users / How should I upgrade from 710 to 810?
« on: August 27, 2009, 05:58:29 am »

Another question for you forum veterans.  So far you have helped me set up my network successfully and my NVidia card so that I can run the highest level GUI.  You've also given me invaluable advice on many other topics via previous posts.  First of all, thank you so much for all the help.

Now for the question:
I installed LMCE 710 64 bit for AMD figuring that it was the best option for my hardware (AMD 64 bit processor, GeForce 9400, etc).    Last night, Thom said the following:

"It is worth noting to _PLEASE_ use the Alpha if you can. We can not support 0710 any more, and you'll have better luck with your hardware combo generally if you do.

People get flummoxed with LinuxMCE over two sticking points:

* They don't use an NVIDIA card
* They don't put two network cards in and let it be the center of the house.

If you do those things, setup is smooth, I promise.


So whats the best way to do this?  I'd really love to not have to reinstall the OS, though I can if need be.  I dont care 64 or 32 bit at this point.  Please give me some more of your magical advice!  I'm a complete linux newbie but am learning on the fly and loving it.

Thanks again,

Okay, so I've been posting a lot of questions, hopefully not too many.

I have a LMCE hybrid setup to take to school next year and Im curious about what I should use to "talk" to my stereo (does not have RS 232 or the equivalent).  I dont quite understand what a USB UIRT is.  I also need a remote control for the system since a wired keyboard/mouse isnt probably the most efficient setup to use.  Recommendations please?  What have you guys used that work well?  Ill eventually want to control a 5.1 audio reciever but that will probably not have RS 232 either.  Im on a pretty limited budget (would love to keep all of this under 100 or so if possible--ive already spent too much on the computer hardware).


Users / New System Failing! Please help with network settings.
« on: August 23, 2009, 09:46:12 pm »

I'm new to LMCE and am struggling to get my system up and running.  The first couple of times I started my system (After several issues with an IDE controller--thanks to for helping me with that) everything worked fine except that I could not get online.  I only had one NIC in at that time.  I played with the Admin page and network settings to no avail.  I then tried putting in a WiFi PCI card I had lying around.  Now, every time I start up the system, it doesnt get past the Launch Manager.
Everything started as normal up to the Launch Manager. The messages got as far as "Please be patient. This may take a while..." after the message saying that was starting, and that is where it stopped.
It also says

Connecting to router at
initialize_LMdevice: connect failed
initialize_LMdevice: not retrying
Connecting to router at

and so on.  The screen is locked beyond moving the mouse--I cant click anything.

Please help me!


Users / New to LMCE--Help me do it right please!
« on: May 24, 2009, 06:28:51 pm »
    Hey guys!  okay, SO!  I'm an 18 year old who's going off to college next year, for starters--I want to build a Linux MCE box to use as a media center and as a file server for my dorm room.  I have a Macbook Pro and I'm sure my roommate will have some sort of laptop, either Windows or Mac, so ideally, I'd like the file server to be accessable by either.  After reading through these forums and the Wiki, I've figured out a hybrid will probably be the best option--Here's what I'd like the setup to be:

                             It's diagrammed so that the branches go above and below whatever components they connect to.

                                                                                     ---Network security camera
Wired College Network-----(Cat5)----LMCE Box----(Cat5)----Network Switch
                                                     -----5.1 Surround Receiver
                                                                -----1080P HDTV
                                                     -----Insteon Control
                                                                -----Room lights, discoball (yeah, I have one...) etc.

    The rules of the college network are that no wireless boxes can be installed--that means I cant use wifi for anything, but bluetooth is an option for a remote control (I have an old Dell Axim I'd like to use as the universal remote) as is RF or IR.  Also I was wondering about a gyro remote and what the pros and cons of that are.
     I'm buying all of the components to this system new ranging from motherboard, processor, hard drive(s), a DVD drive, a case (I might build one out of wood?), the network switch, to the AV receiver and speaker system, insteon boxes, HDTV, etc.  Basically everything.  I'm looking to build the hybrid for between 250 and 500 dollars, get a sound system for about 350, and the TV for 200-300.  Total system cost should definitely stay under 1000 or so.  Also, all functionality doesnt need to be instantly avaliable--i.e. I might not get an insteon system right away or might add more network storage later on.  Ideally, I'd like it to be user-friendly enough that any relatively competent person can use it.
     Another aspect of the system I would like is that I'd like to use the LMCE box as a backup computer in case my laptop fails.  I'd like the desktop to be easily accessible if possible (I dont know how to do that).  It would also be nice if I could store my iTunes library on it, but I'm really not sure how to do that.  It will also serve as a backup unit for my computer with two older 40 gig drives I'd like to install in it.
    If you guys can give me any and all advice--What components to use, what additional software to use, how many cores my processor should have, how much RAM, what video card, etc. that would be AMAZING!  I have all summer to work on this project--next september is when I need it to be functional and running.   :o ??? ::)
If you can help me please do!

Thanks SO MUCH!

P.S.  As far as my experience goes--I have worked with windows machines for most of my life, inside and out, so I'm confident I can put together any components (I've built machines before).  I've been using a mac notebook for 2+ years so I know the mac environment quite well also.  When it comes to linux though, I'm really quite a newbie.

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