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Marketplace / Webpad DT 366 for sale
« on: June 04, 2009, 06:46:26 pm »
I have  used Webpad DT 366 I will sell for 180.00 US. Sent from US  plus shipping per device.
PM me if your interested.

Need some advice

Before finding out about MCE, I paid to have my house wired for RUSSOUND basically 2 speakers in each room. No volume control, but they all run back to a wiring closet . CAT5e in each room for the keypad. WIres for the pads are wired configurable for Master or subzone (Maybe Russound lingo)
The media room has been wired for 5.1 surround, HDMI 3.1a (for future DLP) and Cat5E and RG6 X2
 All rooms have Cat5e and RG6.
I plan on a thecus n8800 starting at 5 TB for storage. of Music and DVDs I have a couple of TB of media already.
I haven't bought a system yet, as I was more concerned with the wiring.
Here is what I want to achieve. Automation of home to include (Security,lights, thermostats temp, audio, HD video) basically the works.
How could I leverage the wiring I have to get these controls and services?
What would I get for core/md (I'm looking at an eee box, but reviews are not good on either for HD)
I saw the post about Squeezebox for whole house audio. That system would work, but can I utilize the existing speakers without amplification and wall plates in each room?

Thanks for any advice and suggestions on components in advance


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