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Users / Trying to get MCE Working with no Luck..Newbie questions inc
« on: March 19, 2009, 07:15:58 pm »
So I tried loading MCE 7.10 from DVD with the AMD 64 Bit DVD...the install went fine however after reboot it just got into a reboot loop.  I need to get the model off my Mobo but I am fairly certain this is Asus Mobo I will get the model later.  I have a dual core AMD x2 and like 2gig of ram....I have a 7900 GTX Video card.  I have sucessfully installed Kubuntu 8.10 and patched it and had it very stable.  I tried using the 8.10 aplha 2 following the instructiions here

I installed and patched/updated 8.10...rebooted installed the restricted 177 Nvidia driver...and then ran the scrpits from a terminal...I did do sudo in front of the commands and I watched it wget and load files.  I used checklist control on the steps on the wiki and after reboot it appears that it hits an issue with samba and gets stuck in a reboot loop...My Mobo would return a series of beeps.  I had no extrenal speakers.  I also had no tv tuner.  I was trying a barebones installation.  I had onboard Nics and Onbaord sound that does work with ALSA...I am aware that until I list the Mobo that this post is a little premature but just wondering if based on the info I have any ideas or tips.    Additionally I reloaded 8.10 Kubuntu and repatched there a linux equivalent to dxdiag on windows boxes...thanks in advance

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