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Hey Guys,

first time poster,long time reader!!

I am in love with MCE, its much in love that i just bought a crap load of motherboards,cpuz memory, audio cards, nics, cables, hdmi cables,speaker.... basically a ton of crap on ebay for 80% off :) hahaha.  bought a asus hdmi board for 30 bucks shipped!. 

anyways i have a core/hybrid on a 4400+ , 3gb dd2 1066  and a few local hard drives.(sata bus)

Im experiencing some performance issues.  a  remote MD start playing a movie fine, but it starts jitterring and cutting up maybe 2 minutes into it.

Issues could be i think
#networking issues, maybe go to gigabit on the internal network card on the next reinstall.?
#networking issues, cables could be crappy but i dont think so.
# could UI2 on the MD be causing this issue?
# is my Hardware good enuff on the Core/hyrbid?, i can bring it to 8gb and drop a phenom tri core or quad core in there if needed.
#considering my load does moving the core to a seperate box makes sense?will i see a performance increase?

im going to try playing a DVD locally 2nite on a md 2nite, if it works networking is prob my issue.

Im curious as to if this is cuz the HW is taxed... anyone else running similar hardware  supporting 4 MD`s and a few orbiters?

I could also split the core and the MD but i will only do so on the next reinstall if any of you Linux gurus think i should!!! :)

i should let you know that linux is not my first language.... ima a Cisco/Vmware/Systems IT guy so LinuxMCe is  fun ,but has a bloody hard learning curve!!...  lol at least this is a fun hobby! :)

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