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Users / Donations and Feature Requests
« on: September 27, 2009, 12:07:59 am »
I have an idea on revamping the whole process of donations and feature requests.  I realize that donations are lacking and that is what is truly holding up many feature requests.  LinuxMCE has a limited number of developers and only seems to be falling further behind when it comes to keeping up with the 'Jones', so to speak, when it comes to other media platforms.  I think we need to apply some capitalism when it comes to the feature and development process.

I know there is a certain idealist view to the world when it comes to open sources projects.  Lets face it, it doesn't always work that way; especially when it comes to smaller projects with big goals.  For example, the whole green movement didn't really start taking off until people could be shown how to save money with green thinking (a little gov regulation doesn't hurt).  Ideally, people would do it because it's the right way to do something but that never works unless you can show how it will benefit the individual, ideally, monetarily.  People are selfish creatures.  Lets use that to our advantage.  Lets use that for the project's advantage. 

People don't want to pay for a feature they will never see the benefit of.  A perfect example is supported orbiter configurations.  I want an iPhone orbiter.  Other people want an Android orbiter.  Will one see the benefit in the other?  Will one want to contribute to the other?  Why not let the community decide with their donations.  Currently, a donation appears to go into one pot; one black black hole, if you will.  Why not let the completion of features be based on how much support a feature request receives.  Instead of one donation link, why not have a donation link for each feature request.  Be as specific as possible with each feature listing.  Have a dev come up with a 'money dollar' amount that will cover dev costs and post that with each feature/link.  Allow people who are interested in that feature to donate specifically to that feature.  Keep a running total and when the dollar amount is reached, start development on said feature.  If a feature request turns out more complicated than previously thought, come back to the community with how far the feature was developed and why more work is needed and why more money is required.  Then, reopen the donation link with the new amount.  This gets people more involved in the development process and feel more connected to the project.

There should be a page on the website where all of these features and donation links are listed.  Develop a process for getting a feature request added to the list with it's own required amount and donation link.

I would appreciate questions and comments.  I do want this project to succeed.  I know there are people out there willing to pay for work and there are starving devs who could use the work.  Lets start implementing some processes and procedures that will achieve our goals.

Users / Nvidia ION Comparison
« on: September 04, 2009, 05:48:40 am »
AnandTech did a review of the three current manufacturer options

Users / thezfunk LinuxMCE Project build
« on: August 17, 2009, 03:49:16 pm »
Hi guys,

I am going to start a thread here highlighting my attempts at LinuxMCE.  I am a beginner when it comes to Linux.  I wouldn't consider myself a noob because I have used a couple different flavors of Linux before but I don't always understand the slang thrown around and shorthand commands.


DFI Lanparty P35 LT MB
Intel QX6700
TeamGroup 2GB Ram
150GB Raptor
Nvidia 8400GS
PC Power & Cooling 500w PS

MD: (yet to be purchased)
Zotac Nvidia Ion

Those are plans thus far in terms of hardware.  As soon as Newegg has a hard drive sale I plan on ordering 3TB of hard drives to put in RAID5.  Either 4 1TB drives or 3 1.5TB drives.  I can add those at a later date.

The core is together and I tried to install 0710 on it but ran into some issues that I suspect might be my fault.  Until I eliminate user error I won't declare failure there.  I want to get the new 8 alpha/beta working but I figured I would start with the simplest install and work my way up to the more complicated.

I also want this Core to double as a general network storage server and web server for the outside world.  I plan on keeping my pfsense box running my internal network and having LinuxMCE managing it's own internal internal network with the firewall turned off.

Any opinions or comments are welcome.  I will post progress/questions/frustrations.  I hope to get a LinuxMCE solution operational and maybe help some others on the way.

Installation issues / First Timer Hardware questions
« on: March 05, 2009, 04:10:29 pm »
I have been reading through the wiki but I thought I would run this by some actual people.  I was thinking about using a EVGA 680i board for LMCE and was wondering if anyone here has use it or similiar.

My other question is there anyway to turn off the DHCP even if I have to assign IP's?  What's wrong with using hostnames?  I have pfsense managing my DHCP and I won't want to change that.  I also plan on using my LCME server as a general file server and webserver.  Anyone see any issue with this?

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