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Users / HD Files not playing
« on: June 09, 2010, 03:09:46 pm »
Hi All,
I've just done an install with the June 1 snapshot. I have an issue that has carried over from my last Beta2 install.

I have a number of 1080p files I can playback and several that I cannot. I've got some log files (via sudo tail -f /var/log/pluto/23_Xine_Player.log) which might reveal something.

Logfile from successful playback of 1080p movie

And logifle from failed playback

Line 28 in 1st log vs line 59 in 2nd log seems to reveal the player is unable to identify the codec information...see below -
59    05      06/09/10 22:39:50.946           Read media A/V information: []/[] => []/[] <0xb6676b90>
28    05      06/09/10 22:43:43.136           Read media A/V information: [DTS 5.1]/[H.264/AVC (ffmpeg), 1920x1080] => [dts 5]/[16:9] <0xb6676b90>

Can anyone confirm this or see anything else that could be causing the issue? A quick inspection via VLC shows the media have all the same codec info. Both files play fine in VLC also.

Let me know if there is more detail needed...


Installation issues / Eth1 only[solved]
« on: May 01, 2010, 03:32:12 pm »
I am trying to install 8.10B2 and notice that my onboard NIC is assigned as Eth1. The additional Asus NIC is assigned Eth0 but only Eth1 works. I can access the net etc via Eth1 and complete the apt-get finctions. At some point in the install, Eth0 becomes fuinctional (I presume the required software is downloaded during dist-upgrade??)

Anyway, my question is, is this a bad siituation? I removed the NIC and rebooted and notice the remaining onboard nic is still installs arent working so I am seeking advice on possible causes.

Installation issues / RS-232 devices not working
« on: April 11, 2010, 12:31:46 pm »
Hi Everyone...

I have just built a LMCE box and finally got an install done where most things seem to be working. Im running 8.10 beta 2.
I have a Sharp Aquos LC52D77X LCD TV and a Denon AVR-4306 receiver. I chose these and LMCE due to the RS232 support. I cannot get LMCE to recognise either device, which surprises me given other models from these manufacturers work straight off.

I really have no idea how to start approaching resolving this. Im using USB-RS232 cables. When I connect the devices LMCE displays the 'Running xxxx script' in the top left corner, but it just cycles through every script without success. I have also added them manually, using similar selections, but no commands can be sent to the devices.

If anyone can assist I will be very grateful, this functionality is the main differentiator for me in creating a properly integrated media centre.

Users / Want to build system
« on: April 04, 2010, 07:17:02 am »
Hi All, the only thing stopping me from going out and buying a system is how difficult it is to find compatible hardware that ticks all the boxes.

My priority with me LMCE box is that it plays 1080p video flawlessly, and has excellent audio quality. It will be the BD-Rom player in my setup, not just stream media.

- Are current Nvidia cards doing HDMI video and Audio over HDMI? Or is it just video? Any recommendations here?

- If no to above, then is onboard sound via SPDIF working ok for everyone or is dedicated soundcard needed?

Things I have decided on -

Im going to get one of those HD Homeruns for the TV side of things...
Intel E7500 CPU
ANtec case
Zalman PSU
Gyration remote
RS232 control for my LCD and my Denon

Users / Origin AE HTPC cases and LinuxMCE
« on: March 03, 2009, 08:33:36 am »

I am about to get into LMCE after much umming and aahing. My only visual unit is a HD projector and as such I just bought the OriginAE S21T case with built in 12" touchscreen.

Some people have suggested it is redundant to have a TFT on the case itself as it is better to have an Orbiter, and part of me agrees. I think it is also good to have a display on the uunit for those times where I need to perform tasks on the core machine itself...

What are peoples thoughts ? These cases retail for 1000 USD, I picked one up for $300 but Im worried it was a waste...

I also have the issue of it potentially not working with LMCE....

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