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Users / How to remove duplicate entries in the video database?
« on: May 26, 2010, 05:39:19 pm »
 I now have duplicate video entries in the database. I would like to delete them so I only have 1. I am not sure if I need to do this in mysql or if there is script or the web admin. Sorry for all the weird questions today I am almost done this system and would like to complete it asap. I work on it everyday before I have to go to work. The WAF (wife annoyance factor) is at defcon 4 and rising thanks for all your help.

 I have been trying to search my system and google but, I can't see where I should look. I have built a new system with new hard drives and I originallly stored my .id3 tags and I would like to import them back into system. I am not sure if this will work but, I want to try. So if you could please tell me all the locations where the .id3 tags are and how I update the database so I don't have to do all this again. Thank you. If this is a really easy answer I apologize I have been looking though.

Users / How to prepare hard drive and media to add to system?
« on: May 15, 2010, 07:29:40 pm »
 I would like to transfer all my movies from my windows 7 pc to a hard drive. I would like to prepare the drive first then add to the system. I have the system up and running and I have media on my pc  and I want to format the hd and add my media (ie movies, and music) to the drive then after add it to my hybrid. This would be the easiest and fastest way to add to this drive without sending over my router. Unless anyone has a better idea I am all ears.Thanks in advance.

 Again I am trying to install 0810 and I am trying the web install but, when I run ./ I start to have problems with broken links when it starts to install fonts I run into problems it can't resolve and then I get a whole bunch of "Installing infoservices -Unable to connect to manager - Connection refused. Is this normal or is this something I should be looking into. I will let you know if it installs but, I am still interested in resolving these issues. I need this to be reliable as well. Although I haven't got it installed in 3 months working on it. I had the basic UI on but, I didn't install any of the devices yet.

how about this one "Could not write to openty () failed (/dev/pts not mounted)

Installation issues / Orbiter cannot register with router.
« on: April 07, 2010, 04:15:23 pm »
 I have installed this about 5 times since Thursday, I have tried different versions, different hardware but still end up with the same result. I have read a couple places where it says to disable asterisk in web admin. But, I can't access web admin either. The install goes okay. I am only using one nic at the time. I have used it like this in the past without issue. I physically have 2 nic's but I didn't want to rewire my home network as this system is for someone else. If anyone has any idea's please respond. Thank you

Users / Customizing Media layout !!!
« on: September 03, 2009, 09:23:48 pm »
 I would like to know if there is a way to turn off the file info in the video section. Just for appearance. What I am talking about is the info over top of the play close move delete buttons when I click on a video. I have been going through it all over due to the fact that 1. if your synopsis is longer than 3 lines you can't read the rest of it. It would be nice if it would auto scroll but, anyways. So if I could hide the location of the file then it would look at little cleaner. I hope this makes sense.

Users / Help with hardware! Russound Cam6.6
« on: September 03, 2009, 05:21:53 pm »
 Hi, I have been building this system for months now and its going pretty good but now I am at a stand still. I have a russound cam6.6 with Yamaha RX V2500. They both have RS-232. When I run the wizard it detects the yamaha (kind of) it adds zone 2 and 3 but, its still telling me that it hadn't detected anything. I know the model that is on the hardware wiki is the Yamaha RX V1000 so I was figuring that I could edit the template a bit and be set. I guess I am hoping that someone reads this and has a similar set up that we can run ideas across. I know it recomends sqeeze boxes but when I was reading it said that LinuxMCE could basically control any RS-232 device and the receiver is just the updated model. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please spend the minute and reply to this post. I need your help guys. Its a beautiful system I am just getting to the end now and would like to finish this off and contribute my notes to the wiki.

Users / Playing .avi files with mythtv?
« on: September 03, 2009, 05:05:16 pm »
 I have installed 0810 alpha 2 but, when I play my stored video files some play okay and some are just bad. They have noticeable tearing and some look like they are cut and pasted on a diagonal and reinserted in the wrong order bottom on the top and vice versa. I have a asus M3N78 Pro with onboard Integrated NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series GPU(8300 chipset). Is there a way that I can fix this or should I somehow change it to use mythtv to play my .avi files.

Users / Question: How to upgrade nvidia drivers after 0810 install
« on: August 29, 2009, 01:17:31 pm »
 I currently am running 0810 and recently upgraded to alpha2. I have nvidia version 180.11  and I need to upgrade to 180.60 and alsa 1.20. I am having a hard time trying to shutdown linuxmce on the core/md (I think thats what its called) I have only 1 pc. I issue command in terminal in KDE Desktop "telinit 1" (I have tried all of them but 0 and 6) I get a garbled screen and no network so I can't even ssh into the box. I need to shutdown the program so I can run the nvidia installer.

Users / Someone recommend an alarm to use?
« on: April 25, 2009, 03:48:55 pm »
 I have been trying to set a few boxes up now for the better part of 4 months now (ya I got sucked in by the video) now I am stuck with this, I can't get anyone to change their minds and go with something else. Not that I don't like LinuxMCE it stills has a long way to go yet. The metadata issue has really set me back trying to tag thousands of songs and movies has been a really chore at the least.
 Now I need to find an alarm panel to use that is not going to take forever to set this up. I have a amd phenom 9500 quad core 4 gigs of corsair 800 mhz anyways that isn't really relevant but, I have a webpad dt366 and an itouch and iphone . I still need to find a way to set up a 6 zone audio system as well and so far the only thing I found is a russound cam/cav box that is almost $3000 if anyones knows anything better let me know. Don't get me wrong I do like the system, I am getting down to crunch time and need to get these finished.

Users / Import metadata from 1 Linuxmce to another
« on: April 21, 2009, 02:43:58 am »
 Is there a way that I can save my metadata from one linuxmce box to a new one or better yet can we all upload our (users) own metadata to a web storage. There has got to be a way to share this workload or import it. I know others have got the IMDB hack to work but, I can't get it to work it looks like it installs but, I can't figure out how to use it or where the added function to the web admin is. Any takers?

Users / Cover Art
« on: March 31, 2009, 02:22:08 pm »
 Does anyone know how I can get cover art for my huge library of .mp3's and .avi files. I know I can do it in webadmin but, this is tons of labour. Is there a way I can use some 3rd party stuff to get the same result. This is not working out so good and I also had some reason I had a 1000 songs in a folder named M1 + Top 1000 but now every song in that was in that directory now has that for the album. I also need to rename them all now they have a number in front of everyone. example 0702. 4 Non Blondes - What's Up.mp3. Even if someone knows what I should be doing in webadmin like what attributes I should be selecting.
 For .avi files should I make a folder for each .avi file I have or should I just have the avi file in the videos directory. Also for mp3's should I use windows or something to get metadata, there has got to be an easier way to do this.

 When I added my sata 1TB Drive, I think I picked that I would manage it when I needed to but, after reading a bit I found out that my Hard drive keeps mounting and unmounting if my data is gone I have to reboot the core to get it back. I want to select the LinuxMCE file structure for my NTFS drive and I think that will solve my problem but how do I get back to that option. Thanks in advance.

Users / I need to patch mythtv so I can get it to work. HOW?
« on: February 10, 2009, 07:30:28 pm »
 I have downloaded the linuxmce8.10 svn. I tried to patch mythtv but, it fails 7 out of 10 on the first patch. So I changed the mythtv component to something that I could patch cleanly but, I can't compile it now Does ANYONE know how to do this so that we can use mythtv in North America.  The error that I get when trying to "MAKE" is
Code: [Select]
make[2]: *** [] Error 1      

Installation issues / How do I install kernel-source
« on: February 07, 2009, 07:06:50 pm »
 I need install the kernel-source but, I can't seem to get anywhere. Either I can't get it to go any help on this would be really appreciated. I did try to
Code: [Select]
sudo wget
#sudo tar jxvf linux-
#sudo ln -s linux- linux
#sudo cd linux
#sudo cp ../linux-headers-`uname -r`/.config . #(copy the previous kernel config to current dir (notice the '.'). You could use a different config if you like or start from scratch.
#sudo make oldconfig #(I usually accept the defaults for the new options. This takes all the options from the previous stock build
#sudo make-kpkg --append-to-version `date +"-%H%M-%d%m%Y"` kernel_image #builds a new kernel with todays time/date appended to the version number. You can omit this or use a different string
#sudo dpkg -i /usr/src/kernel_image.......deb #install whatever the name was of this kernel file you just created
#sudo reboot
I get to make-kpkg etc. then I get an error
exec debian/rules  DEBIAN_REVISION=  APPEND_TO_VERSION=-1300-07022009  kernel_image                             
/bin/sh: line 0: [: -ge: unary operator expected                                                                                                   
/bin/sh: line 0: [: -ge: unary operator expected                                                                                                   
/bin/sh: line 0: [: -ge: unary operator expected                                                                                                   
/bin/sh: line 0: [: -lt: unary operator expected                                                                                                   
/bin/sh: line 0: [: -eq: unary operator expected                                                                                                   
/bin/sh: line 0: [: -eq: unary operator expected                                                                                                   
/bin/sh: line 0: [: -gt: unary operator expected                                                                                                   
/bin/sh: line 0: [: -ge: unary operator expected                                                                                                   
/bin/sh: line 0: [: -gt: unary operator expected                                                                                                   
/bin/sh: line 0: [: -ge: unary operator expected
/bin/sh: line 0: [: -ge: unary operator expected

====== making target CONFIG-common [new prereqs: testdir]======

====== making target CONFIG-common [new prereqs: stamp-conf]======
This is kernel package version 11.001-0.1.
====== making stamp-arch-conf because of  ======

====== making target CONFIG-arch [new prereqs: stamp-arch-conf]======
====== making target conf.vars [new prereqs: Makefile .config]======

Makefile:518: /usr/src/linux- No such file or directory
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `/usr/src/linux-'.  Stop.
make: *** [conf.vars] Error 2
 Please help.

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