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Marketplace / WebDT 366 orbiter, usbuirt, dusky controller
« on: December 12, 2010, 11:55:02 pm »

Few bits for sale:

1 x WebDT 366 with orbiter installed and running.  Decent condition, short battery life, power supply included.  £100 ono
1 x USB UIRT, used but as new  - £40 ono
1 x Dual output USB Dusky controller with Passthrough to allow use of magic eyes aswell. (For controlling Sky/Sky+/SkyHD boxes via USB), used but as new - £40 ono

All items fully functional (but used) as of 1/12/10)

Items located in Oxford, UK.  Postage at cost.
Payment by paypal transfer, will ship worldwide

Users / New install advice please - rack mounted, telephony & orbiters
« on: February 03, 2009, 12:27:39 am »

Firstly, just to let you know i'm a complete Linux noobie - your chance to convert someone whos worked with MS products for most of his life!  And i thank you all very much in advance - i realise what i'm about to ask is a lot but hopefully not too much!

So i started to write this big long essay, describing exactly what i want to do in my house but then i realised all it boils down to is a few questions, so i won't waste anyone's time and get straight to the big ones:

I've concluded i need 1 hybrid and 1 MD:
Hybrid with HDMI out and 7.1 for 4 zones of multiroom audio and 1 video stream
MD with HDMI out and 7.1 for the HD theatre.

1.  All my kit will be rack mounted - is there an off the shelf rack mounted system that is ready built that will work for the Hybrid and MD?  Otherwise, whats a good rack mounted case that will allow me to build a suitable system using the part list in the wiki?
2.  What kit will i need to be able to connect my standard landline telephone?
3.  I'm going to control 15 different pieces of kit using rs232 - whats the best hub to use?

Now on to Orbiters (i love that name - sounds so much cooler that remotes)

I want complete home control from every orbiter - audio levels, video outs, lights, IP camera feeds, telephony info, the works!

Is it a good idea with the following (just need reassurance i'm not overestimating the functionality):  iphone?  LG Viewty? ipod touch? 15" screen in the wall in the living area (conencted to some slim client or something)?  Chumby built into a sofa (well why not?)?

I think thats it for the moment - i am absolutely desperate to get going on this project - my current 'get me by' bodge is driving me crazy!

Thanks for all your forthcoming advice.


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