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Users / Some KNX questions before installation
« on: February 01, 2009, 09:36:18 pm »
Hello all,

at the moment I am using the ETS3 software and eibd to control devices in my home. The eibd runs on a router and the ETS3 speaks over KNX/IP with the router. The router is connected over USB to the buscoupler. Now I read about LinuxMCE and find it very interesting and hope I can use it for my home. Before I install everything I want to check if all the things I would like to do with it is actually possible.

I read in the wiki that LinuxMCE can only talk to the KNX over a RS232 interface. Is that true? At the moment I have the router with eibd running and I send the eib telegrams to it wireless. The router then sends the telegram on the bus using a usb buscoupler. I want to keep it that way. So I want to talk wireless to the router over LinuxMCE. Is this possible? Is there something similar to KNX/IP in LinuxMCE?

Thanks and greetings,



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