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Marketplace / Miscellaneous Hardware For Sale
« on: September 15, 2009, 01:27:46 am »
Hi Everyone,

Here's some hardware for sale from our inventory: Everything is in excellent condition and confirmed to function perfectly. Shipping is $12.50 for any item in the lower 48 and $35.00 for international delivery. We will combine ship items depending on size.

-Abit NF-M2 nView 6150 mATX mobo w/ AM2 6000+ 3.0GHz CPU and 4GB G-Skill F2-6400CL4D-4GBPI-B RAM - $145

-Intel DG45FC mITX mobo w/ E5200 C2D 2.5GHz CPU and 2GB G-Skill F2-6400CL5S-2GBPQ RAM - $145

-(2) WD 160GB 7,200 RPM Scorpio Black HDD's - $45 each

-Sound Blaster X-Fi Sound Card - $35

-2x1GB Patriot DDR2-1066MHz PC2-8500 5-5-5-15 RAM - $15

-Logitech MX Revolution Mouse - $35

-(6) Hauppauge PVR-150 Card NTSC TV Tuner Card - $45 each

-Hauppauge PVR-150 Low Profile Card NTSC TV Tuner Card - $45

-Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 950 USB TV Tuner - $45

-Asus WL-167G USB W-LAN - $10

-Linksys Wireless-G Router - $20

-Hawking Wireless-G Router - $20

-Linksys VOIP Phone Adapter - $40

-1.73GHz CPU, 1GB PC2-3200 RAM, 80Gb Fujitsu 5,400 RPM HDD and UJDA765 CD/DVD taken from fully functioning VGN-S380 Sony VAIO Laptop - $50 for all

-Kik-Boxes 120mm Rad Grill - $10

Hi Everyone,

The following items... which were all former Fiire inventory... are for sale...

(42) LinuxMCE GYCR3202US "Fiire Chief" Gyro Remotes*

(5) Hauppauge PVR-150 NTSC Tuner Cards

(2) Z-Wave USB Sticks

(3) 2.5" 60/120/160Gb Hard Drives

*The remotes are without dongles but can be made by the original OEM mfg. (The buyer will be given the contact info.) These are the same remotes we sold individually in the thread linked below with 100% customer satisfaction...

All hardware is new and priced at 50% retail if purchased in bulk so there's puh-lenty of room for you to resell at a  very good profit. $2,920 USD (not inc'd S&H) takes all.



We've acquired several LinuxMCE GYCR3202US "Fiire Chief" Gyro remotes with GY1401-005 dongles from a company that went out of business. They are all new, include the remote, dongle, batteries and instruction manual. There are currently 22 with dongles but we have approx. 60 more without dongles and a source to have more made. A bulk sale is preferred but we may sell them individually for $119.95 which is $30 off the former $149.95 retail price. All remotes will be tested to ensure functionality (incl'd no drift) prior to shipping. To our knowledge, this is the last new batch of these remotes in existence so it will be first come first serve. Below are pictures of the actual product...

UPDATE: It appears that there is sufficient interest to sell the complete units individually at $119.95 plus $10 S&H to anywhere in the US. (We will also ship world wide for approx $35 USD.) If you are interested in purchasing them in bulk, you may wish to make an offer before they go. Thank you for your interest and they can be purchased at the following link. Get them while you can!


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