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Installation issues / KDE desktop is too big for screen
« on: January 21, 2009, 07:02:51 am »
As the subject says, my KDE desktop is too large for my screen
I think it's best described in a picture (sorry about the quality, i took this picture in a hurry)

As you can see all four corners are extended off the screen, so I can't see my full desktop. AFAIK MCE fits perfectly on the screen, just KDE that doesn't.

While I'm at it, I might as well ask a networking question
Is it possible to connect MCE to the net via my wifi. I've tried configuring it but it only gives me WEP encryption and won't even list any SSID's for me to connect to.

I have a few questions on which version I should download

#1 I read somewhere in the forums only the i386 DL iso has HD playback, is this true? What other features does the DL iso contain? (not much info regarding the differences between the SL and DL iso's)
#2 Can I use the AMD64 install disk (and if so, does it have HD playback capabilities)?
#3 If I download the SL disk, can i install the rest of the stuff off the DL disk via apt-get or some other means?

Id prefer not to download the DL iso as I have no DL disks, but if it's the only one with HD playback then I guess I'll have to purchase some...

*EDIT* I got the right version, everything installed, so thanks to those who helped. A new question has been asked at the beginning of the 2nd page so if you guys could check that out and give me your opinions It would be greatly appreciated once again.

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