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After a little fiddling, I finally managed to get my LinuxMCE installation working... I had a few issues as my motherboard has an onboard graphics card, which coupled with what I suspect is a manifestation of the Nvidia VGA issue (which unfortunately due to the monitor I have I cannot check - it only has a DVI-D interface), I am totally unable to see AVWizard.

This is not an issue for getting to LinuxMCE, as I replaced Xorg.conf, Xorg.conf.avwizard and xorg.conf.avwizardr with one that I generated, which works fine with the hardware and monitor. This enables me to get LinuxMCE running, but unfortunately, only with UI1.

I have performed all the checks necessary, and I am confident that my graphics card can support UI2 (it's a Nvidia 7900GS). However, from my research I think it's not possible to change UI without going through AVwizard or doing a fresh install?

What I'd like to know is:

Is there a way that I have not found yet of changing the UI without AVwizard (I'm not afraid of editing script files as long as it's not too complex)?

If not, is there a way of "skipping" the resolution/input step of Avwizard and just getting it to display on my current settings, to complete the rest of the settings?

Lastly, would I definately be able to select UI2 if I went through a full re-install (because I have other partitions on this drive, I have to use the CD install which takes a while.... lol)

Thanks in advance for all your help.


P.S. Anyone got a Leadtek DV-1000T DVB card working with LinuxMCE? If so, how?

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