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Installation issues / VIA Micro ATX motherboard install issues
« on: January 23, 2009, 01:55:50 am »
Anyone have any install issues when using a VIA Micro ATX MB as a MD? I bought a VIA board with a 1 GHz processor and its acting flaky. I upped the RAM to a GIG but it still acts weird when trying to use the S-Video or composite out video signal. Any suggestions?

Has any one got the HDMI audio to work with the Abit AN-M2HD mother board? I've read that new Realtek drivers should be downloaded and installed.....but there has been a lot of talk about the install not working with Ubuntu based OSs. Anyone, anyone...Bueller, Bueller? Thanks.

Installation issues / Enableing Remote Assistance
« on: January 13, 2009, 03:59:58 am »
Hopeing for some help. I am trying to enable remote assistance on my core server. I went to the Web Admin -> security -> outside access. I checked the boxes for port 80 and set up access for port 3080...I haven't checked the port 22 box. Once I click update, the screen refreshes and shows that the remote assistance boxes have changed. Once I click on "enable", the system just hangs there. I've tried it from the orbiter menu, same thing. I tried it from the KDE desktop, same thing. Has any one seen this. I have tight VNC and puTTY, neither of them work. I think its two separate issues.

Abit AN-M2HD m.b.
AMD athalon 64 processor
2 GB ram
Sony DVD rw
Hoppauge HVR-1800
Gig Eth card
Fiire Remote

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