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Users / Wiimote - Couldn't find package libcwiid0 (SOLVED)
« on: March 13, 2009, 04:36:05 pm »
Hello Everyone... Long time lurker of the forums here and first post today! I have a hybrid setup and have it working mostly now after reading many posts and many months of tinkering. A few more things to get working and the one I'd really like to get working is the wiimote. I have followed the wiki and forum posts and googled a lot, but I am stuck at the first bit... I have SSH'd onto the core, have internet working. When keying sudo apt-get install libcwiid0  I get: Couldn't find package libcwiid0. I have tried sudo apt-get update and get the same result. also sudo apt-get wminput can't be found either. The Hcitool scan does find the wiimote though so the bluetooth dongle I have seems to work.

Any help much appreciated!


Linuxmce 7.10 DVD install
Core/Hybrid P4 Intel
Zoom bluetooth dongle

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