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Feature requests & roadmap / LinuxMCE as a Samba Domain Controller
« on: April 07, 2009, 11:46:53 pm »
This is a feature that I feel would be useful to implement in LinuxMCE, whether or not it should be a default option, or available as a how to article does not matter. I think this is a good idea in order to make it (at least in my case) a complete house solution.

My current, albeit contrary to the ideal, setup is using a Windows Server 2003 Domain controller for my home. This way, my family can have a single logon username and password for all the computers. I have two other Windows servers (a VPN server/File Server and a Terminal Server) as well as more than a half-dozen computers (all XP Professional). If I could extend this to cover: (1) the built in shares in LinuxMCE for media, (2) The web panel for voicemail, etc. (3) The mythweb login and other web server shares as well as (4) continuing to serve as a logon server for windows xp (professional only unfortunately) then I would have a perfect setup (I could take advantage of the networking features of LinuxMCE while getting rid of two of my windows servers.

From the research I have done, an ubuntu, perhaps a kubuntu server too, can work as a Samba Domain Controller as a logon/file/print server. I need to know how I can configure this without disrupting the LinuxMCE functionality but at the same time utilize the user database that LinuxMCE uses for the orbiters and the web panel. In order to integrate the LinuxMCE functionality into this setup, this requires editing the mysql database and this is not something I know how to do.

Granted I am not an expert at Linux, I do know my way around windows in both the desktop and server editions of Windows. If my idea is too far fetched or just not practical, I apologize. I simply would like everything to be as integrated as possible.

This could also be useful for those who have XP Professional or Vista Business/Ultimate systems and even Mac OS X and Linux Systems (as most(?) support Kerberos/LikewiseOpen for authentication to domain servers and I would think this would work for a Linux domain server).

If this is in the wrong category, I apologize; I was debating whether this was a question of a "how to do something" or if it was a "feature request" as it is both.

Installation issues / Firewire and NTSC Tuner Problems
« on: December 13, 2008, 03:57:46 am »
I came across LinuxMCE when I was between failed attempts at configuring MythTV completely. So far I am very impressed with the LinuxMCE project and all of its capabilities. I intend to use most of them, but right now I am working on a single hybrid for my family room.

I have two tuner cards at the moment: a dual tuner NTSC/ATSC/QAM Hauppauge HVR-1800 and a Sabrent Saa7134 V4L Tuner. In addition to that I am also using a Scientific Atlanta 4200HD over firewire.

The QAM tuner works fine. The cable box comes in perfectly over firewire, so far. The problem is the channel won't change on the cable box unless I manually change the channel.

The NTSC Tuners are configured as V4L
I setup:
   /dev/video0 as Tuner 0 (saa7134)*
   /dev/video1 as Tuner 1 (hvr-1800)*   
        /dev/video2 as Tuner 2 (hvr-1800)*

*Sometimes the hvr-1800 is video 0 and 1 otherwise it's 1 and 2

The video1 and video2 are the same tuner; from what I've read only video2 is selected in setup. I put in the video1 to see if any results were achieved.

I have been watching this thread:
so yes, I have compiled the drivers

When cycling through tuners by pressing the "y" key, on tuner0 I get a blank screen, on tuner1, I get a multi-colored screen and on tuner2, mythtv crashes to the main menu.

If I've left out any details, or I was unclear in anything, please let me know. Keep in mind that I am still rather new to linux, especially Kubuntu (I used plain Ubuntu when working with standalone mythtv).

Sorry for the long post.


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