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Installation issues / 12.04 multichannel sound card with squeezeslave
« on: August 26, 2014, 05:50:58 am »
I am having a problem getting virtual output on a sound card with squeezeslaves to work in 12.04 Aug 16th snapshot.  I have the virtual outputs setup and when I do a speaker test I get the front right, front left on the correct port on the sound card, but when I try to play something on the squeezeslave I get no sound or the sound comes from a different port on the sound card or even from another sound card.  I double checked that the alsa output in the squeezeslave was set to the correct Virtual_XX, and everything looks the same as I had it setup in 10.04.  Anyone have any ideas?

Users / GSD and Ruby Question
« on: January 28, 2009, 09:56:42 pm »
Since this is my fist post, I want to say thanks and to the development team, this is one hell of a project.  I do have two questions that I have not been able to resolve from searching the form or wiki.
Is there a way to change the baud rate of the serial port for a GSD from the one specified in the template, send a command and then back to the template default baud rate.  I need to do something like this for my on command.
Set baud rate=110
Set baud rate=115200

My second question is how can I get My MD to turn on devises then it finishes loading.  I turn off all MD and computers every night except the core, when I come home and I turn a MD on I want the MD to turn on my TV and stereo after it finishes loading, I can’t figure this out, and I know there has to be a way.

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