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Developers / z-wave device classes
« on: November 13, 2008, 07:35:55 pm »

I want to buy zensys full development kit v5.0 but I am a bit confused about z-wave programming and I have some questions about it:

•   Is it possible to create a new z-wave class or add some features to existing classes? And I want to know limitations for the customer of development kit to develop device classes.

I want to design devices that accept both schedule (such as period of work) and simple command (such as on/off) from a central controller so I must be able to define a class with these features.
Is it possible? If yes how I can do this?

•   How can I receive future device class from zensys after buying development kit?

•   How can I get the current status of device such as dimming level for a wall mount switch or thermostat temperature?

If it is possible, please send me further information about z-wave device class specification and programming of z-wave modules.

Thanks for your attention.
Best regards.

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