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Developers / Simple pop-up dialogue - is this the right approach
« on: November 06, 2008, 08:55:41 pm »
Caveat: I am totally new to LinuxMCE, although I have used Linux for years.

When a USB drive is plugged in, my client wants LinuxMCE to automatically check if it contains audio or video, and if so, display a dialogue asking the user if they want to copy the content. (Perhaps there is a way to just configure MCE to do this; if so, I would appreciate a link.) I have read wiki pages until my eyes are blurry, and I think this is what I have to do. Can someone tell me if I am on the right track?

Create a device or plug-in that will:
Tell the DCE router that it wants to be notified when a USB drive is plugged in - RegisterMsgInterceptor
Display the dialogue box.
If the user requests that the media be copied, send a message to some other device (via the DCE router) to tell it to start ripping.

...and I have to develop the dialogue box on a windows (ugh!) machine using HADesigner.

Originally I thought I would add some code to the hotplug scripts to launch a simple script to display the dialogue box and and launch the copy script/application if needed. But I have a feeling that might not play well with MCE.

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