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Users / MythTV Channel Lineup Issue
« on: January 08, 2009, 12:43:08 am »
I'm having trouble with MythTV not remembering which channel lineup to assign to my tuners.  i have the PVR150 and an HDhomerun setup on my system.  I created two channel lineups, one for the 150, and the other for the hdhr so i can tune all the available channels.

whats strange is that when i reload my router, and then try to watch TV, for some reason the PVR150 channel lineup gets assisgned to the HDhr tuners, rendering them useless. i go into the backend, fix the problem, and everything's ok until the next time i reload the router.

can someone maybe give me some ideas as to where to start looking.  Maybe someone knows where are the configs for the tuners stored on the system?   

Users / panasonic ip camera
« on: January 07, 2009, 05:45:02 am »
I've got the panasonic IP camera bl-c111. really cool camera by the way.  I got it to work in LMCE under the motion wrapper, using the generic ip camera template. 

unfortunate part is that the pan/scan functionality of the camera is not working.  the orbiters seem to be designed to initiate pan/scan commands to the camera, but they don't work. 

I've tried unsuccessfully to the set the camera up using the panasonic IP camera template.  the hope was that this template had the goods to make the camera work the way i want, but i've not yet been able to successfully grab stills using this template.

Has someone had success setting this camera up on their system and getting the pan/scan functionality to work? if so, what did you do that was unique?



So i followed the wiki instructions and mythtv wiki pages for setting up the hdhomerun along with my analog pvr card the hauppage 150. i've got two input source created, and in input connections, i set the two tuners on the hdhomerun to the source i created for it, and the pvr150 to the other channel source.

i exit the backend, go into the frontend and things are working as they should (i'm still having stuttering problems with the hdhomerun, and poor reception on the pvr150, but that's for another post).  i exit the frontend.  later i have to turn off the core, but when i turn it back on. the channel source being used for the hdhomerun has changed to the one i made for the analog tuner, making it inop.  so i check the backend and sure enough all the tuners are set to the same channel source.  i fix it, and were working again.  turn the computer off then on again, and same problem.

can someone point me in the direction as to how to stop this from happening?


Users / Inexpensive MD maybe?
« on: January 04, 2009, 08:49:12 pm »
Hey guys,
on some of the online retailer sites, they've got cheap refurbished dell optiplex machines that have decent RAM and an OK processor (P4 2.8 Ghz, not dual-core). main problem with them is that they generate too much noise from cooling fans to really be a decent MD.  any ideas on how to quiet them down.  The PC are low profile by design which i think limits what kind of heat managment solutions are available.

If anyone has an idea, please post!

Users / Minimum requirements for HDhomerun
« on: January 04, 2009, 05:26:55 am »
Question to the experts,

I'm running LMCE 0710 on a dell optiplex gx 270, p4 2.8GHZ processor, 2 gigs ram, nvidia 6000 graphics card.  using a linksys WRT54G as switch, LMCE is being used as router.  have hauppage pvr 150 and HDHomerun setup as well.  both card and hdhomerun are functional after some setup issues.  I have comcast cable in san francisco.  Problem comes when watching Live HD TV. analog tv on pvr150 not the issue.  there is a lot of stuttering, constant stuttering.  not enough to lock up mythtv, but too much to be satisfied with.  The picture is perfect otherwise.

The question is, do I have enough horsepower to run HDhomerun on my network?  right now I have no other MDs setup other than my core/hybrid.  I do have laptops running wirelessly on the network, but not in such a way to tie up a lot of bandwith. 

I feel if i threw another MD on the system, watching live HD tv on it would be impossible, given that I can't watch it now on the core.

thanks for any comments.

Users / Converting Video output to component signal
« on: December 03, 2008, 08:59:16 pm »
Hey guys,
Has anyone tried the VGA to component converters available on the market right now to hook their MD up to a TV using component cabling?  I'd rather use another connection type, but the layout of my home requires me to use component cabling.  Do they work with LMCE?


Users / Canit' Multi-room stream media
« on: October 24, 2008, 08:06:29 pm »
First Post,
I am an absolute linux novice, but I love the linuxmce concept and have been desperately trying to make it work on some older equipment that I have laying around.  Want to understand it before making a big $$$ investment on the right hardware. So here's my question, I love the idea of playing the same content in multiple rooms at the same time.  LMCE is set up to do that, but when i try to play the same song in two rooms, I get silence from both MDs!!

I can use one orbiter to control what's played on either MD, and I can move a stream from one MD to the other, I just can't get it to play on both


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