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Users / HP T5545
« on: June 29, 2011, 04:00:45 pm »

The company I am working for are going to be getting rid of a few HP T5545 thin clients, was wondering if anyone has had any luck getting these to work? they don't have HDMI but do have DVI so should connect to quite a few monitors/TV's

Installation issues / VDR Setup Issue
« on: May 06, 2009, 12:31:15 am »
Hello All,

I have been working on a linuxmce install for a while and I must say its a great accomplishment to have so many bits of software integrated into one system. Now I have the system set up and have added my vista shares, I can play movies and music from my shares but I am still battling a bit with the TV. I am sure this is a noob issue but I was hoping someone could help. I have been using the forums to get info and basically I have been trying Myth and apparently (according to totallymaxed who seems to be a bit of a legend) I should be using VDR here in the UK. I have managed to change to VDR and added the vdradmin-am page, I have all of that set up but still get no tv. Perhaps I have the wrong type of card for this type of signal but I did have to change a few things like my sources.list had instead of old-releases (stuff like that) before I could get things working. I checked my channels.conf file and everything seems to be right (the right channels are listed for a UK digital freeview signal. I am using a hauppauge pvr 150 card (the TV in socket). I can't seem to find any info on initializing the feed or setting the incoming socket...what other info do you guys need to help me? In vdradmin-am it says - no EPG information available.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I am using a build from the Gutsy DVD and am still quite new to linux although I have been using ubuntu since dapper I have only really used it as a desktop.

Thanks guys, I am SOOO close!!! I can almost taste the freeview!

Sput ???

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