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Users / Lirc & serial - I'm missing something simple?
« on: October 06, 2008, 05:49:06 am »
Bear with me, newbie to LinuxMCE, but I've worked with LIRC many times before...but I'm really stumped.

For years I've used mythtv on Gentoo, and wanted to give LinuxMCE a try.

I loaded the remote and serial receiver:
In the admin tool under wizard, devices, media-director,  at the bottom of the page I've added a Infrared Remote Control.  I've clicked on add a remote, manufacturer Zenith, device category Remote Controls < Peripherals, selected auto filter, and in the device template, I've selected TV, then I clicked on pick device template.  It returns back to the main page, and at the bottom I've selected Infrared Receivers "default" which I assume is what I should use for a serial attached homebrew receiver.   At the bottom I then clicked on update.  (I know the hardware is all good because I had it working on another computer with mythtv.)  At this point I rebooted my system to be sure everything loads correctly.   While waiting for it to reboot, I loaded the Zenith TV codes on my OneForAll 6131 Universal remote.  There are four potential codes for a Zenith TV on the remote, and I'll try them all if necessary, 0017 0463 0016 0092

I see device #42 and #46 take a long time to start and I get an error message saying devices did not load correctly.  I jumped into KDE, and see the error message...Starting device 42 default, and the next line says Timeout waiting for device registration.   

Dropped into a terminal and did a sudo su:

lsmod |grep lirc   which shows only lirc_dev  I noticed /dev/lirc0 is not created. 

modprobe -a lirc_serial  which loads and creates /dev/lirc0

when I try irw  it give me "No such file or directory"

I checked /etc/lircd.conf  and it appears correct

Worth noting, I've set these options in the  /etc/hardware.conf file

Figuring perhaps I messed up a setting trying to get it to work, I uninstalled lirc and in Pluto admin removed the remote and default serial device, clicked update.  I deleted the /etc/lirc directory, and rebooted.

This time everything came up fine with serial and the remote removed. 

I again added the serial with default, and the remote.

#46 was hanging which is the serial device.  The log showed, no port specified.  Back in pluto admin next to the core in the right pane I added available serial ports /dev/ttyS0   and then I clicked update.  rebooted router, and again hanging on #46.

Reviewing the log I see " Not starting device 46 default - binary is not found, probably it is in the middle of installation." 

Any clues on how to get past this?    I can list /dev/ttyS0 and there is only one physical serial port on this motherboard.   I know the port is working because I was previously able to manually configure lirc without LinuxMCE and it worked fine with mythtv.  I switched to the methods I read about in the forums to get the Media Director/main interface also working. 

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.   I appears the serial port is locked by something else, and lirc_serial is not loading on startup. 

setserial -g /dev/ttyS0   
/dev/ttys0, UART: 16550A, Port: 0x03f8, IRQ: 4

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