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Users / Xstreamer Ultra as a Media Director
« on: July 13, 2011, 05:10:20 pm »
Hi all

Just wondering if anyone has an Xstreamer Ultra and is using it as a Media Director?

If so can you post your thoughts about the unit here?

I have done a search in the forum but cant see any posts about it.

I am interested to know:
1) Does it PXE boot ok (ie without any config changes) or is the NIC unrecognised like the Shuttle XS35GT -
2) How do 1080p MKV Movies play? Do you notice any dropped frames/stuttering?
3) What is the fan noise like when:
    a) Playing 1080p movies
    b) navigating through the menu (ie jumping from one orbiter screen to another)
4) Does anyone have a DTS-HDMA capable receiver - if so can you get DTS-HDMA to passthrough the HDMI lead from the Xstreamer Ultra to the receiver? On a sidenote, can LinuxMCE do the DTS-HDMA passthrough? I know that XBMC cant currently do this but they are working on it.

Xstreamer Ultra website -



Users / Network Digital Photo Frames
« on: March 09, 2010, 01:12:28 am »
I have done a search for photo frames on the wiki and in the forum.

The only results found are:

Are network digital photo frames easily detected by the core when connected via ethernet to the core's LAN, and photos on the core/nas sent to them to be displayed in the same way that the photos are displayed as a screensaver on the core or a media director?

Does anyone recommend a particular network digital photo frame.

The above links talk about:
Ceiva -
iGala -

I have also seen these
D-Link -
PhotoVU -
i-mate Momento

Users / Zotac MAG ION Nettop
« on: December 15, 2009, 11:47:47 pm »

I just saw the Zotac MAG ION Nettop on and wondered if anyone has one of these.

The picture of it looks great, and it looks so good sitting behind the TV/Monitor on the VESA mountings.

It has the same chipset as the Zotac ION-ITX motherboards, so it should work just as well as them.

It mentions having the Dual Core Atom N330 processor, but doesnt mention about a fan.


Users / EASY CAP usb device as a capture card
« on: August 28, 2008, 11:25:45 pm »
Hi All

I am just starting out setting up LinuxMCE on an old box (I intend to use it as a hybrid).

It is connected to a TV using DVI from the AGP graphics card to the DVI port on the TV.

I only have two PCI slots on the motheboard of this old computer (Dell Precision Workstation 650) - one is for the 2nd Network Card and the other I intend to use for my CCTV capture card (4 BNC connectors for my analogue cameras). So I am in need of a USB capture device.

I have seen an advert for the EASY CAP usb capture device (, and am wondering if anyone else has had experience with it in LinuxMCE (can't find anything in this forum, but when I googled EASY CAP LINUX I have found some people have had some success -

If you do not think this device would work easily enough, can you recommend anything else?

I am not that fussed about having the TV tuner, I just need the composite connections (RCA - Yellow, Red, White - all though I could feed the audio channels into the soundcard with an RCA to 3.5mm cable - which I already have). I have a Virgin Media cable box (Samsung SMT 2110C) which only has two scart outputs (marked TV and VCR). I already have a scart to composite cable. I understand that to have LinuxMCE change the channels on the Virgin Media Box i need a IR blaster (USB UIRT), which I would also need to buy.

If there are USB TV tuners (DVB-T) which have the composite imput connectors, can you recommend any which will work easily with linuxmce (and don't cost to much). I already have an S-Video to composite cable if that helps (TV tuner with S-Video input).

If there are no USB TV tuner cards with composite or S-Video input, then I suppose I should remove my 2nd network card and buy a USB network card.
* Do these work ok with LinuxMCE?
* Is it best to use them on the LAN/Internal side and let the motherboard one be the WAN/External

Thanks in advance


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