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I am a long time mythtv user, and decided to blow everything away and give LinuxMCE a good shot.

I cleaned and reformatted, and installed Kubuntu, Hardy. Grabbed the CD's kicked off the install from ISO's, and got the error that the CD1 could not be cached. A little more reading, so maybe LinuxMCE JUST DOES NOT WORK with hardy - that could be the case. Why did I choose the CD's, as my system partition, is actually two disks in RAID1 configuration, with LVM. So I like things the way I have them setup.

OK, so that did not work, no worries, grab the RC2 DVD, burn to DVD and start the install.
Very straight forward, the only thing, is my machine is in the basement, no audio and shocking Video card, and I only want it to be a core. The DVD install, only lets me install both Core & Media Director. The wizard video was all over the place, I eventually tried at 800x600 and that came in, the "Ctrl-Alt-+/-" do not work to alter the resolution.

After the reboot, and the wizard, the LinuxMCE status screen, the fonts were so big, I could not actually read any of them, and had no idea what was going on. I tried resizing the window, to no avail.
The mythtv config was dead, during the install when I tried to add my cable boxes, the list was blank, there were no items at all in the list to choose from. (I have two cable boxes in the basement, with two hauppage 250's and the M$ IR blaster to control them.)
When I did eventually get to the web interface, every item I tried to add, IP camera, Receiver, etc, nothing would add. This maybe due to user error - but frustration was beginning to set in.

The above was 5 install tries. I am back to MythTV for now, but am going to keep a close eye on LinuxMCE.
I am just not sure why all the docs point to the configuration of a Core, yet the DVD install does not allow this, but the CD's do.


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