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Installation issues / LMCE\FiOS Design Question
« on: August 13, 2008, 06:12:40 am »
Hey everyone,

I have been reading the Wiki and watching the video, and reading the user guide, and am very interested in using LMCE to record shows.  I have a question and am having a difficult time in understanding things people have posted in the forums.  Please forgive me if you have already read these sorts of questions before.

1.  I have Verizon FiOS with a Moto QIP-2500 std. def tuner.  I have a std def TV as well.  I would like to make a hybrid dvr, but I see where people already have Homeruns, or the Moto DVR and I am wondering if I need a DVR from Verizon to make this work?  If I do, doesn't having a LMCE box to record shows sort of redundant? 

2.  I am not a TV guru, so please accept my appologies for my lameness on knowing acronyms.  This question pertains to vid capture.  If I currenty have the following setup:  FiOS into my house (using coax cable inside)--> Moto STB --> TV
If i wanna plug my LMCE hybrid in there, can I set the STB to control the DVR and have the Hauppage card NOT do anything other than capture the video stream from the STB.  I suspect that if the STB is used this way, I could put the STB on some channel above 100 and I could record the encrypted channels if that is the case?  Does that make sense?

3.  If LMCE can be set up using that configuration, is that where I'd need those USBUIRT blaster thing to be able to change the channel on the STB at the appropriate time in order to record a show?

It seems sort of abstract since I have no experience in this area.  However, in my defense, my VCR clock does not blink "12:00"!!   :D

Any answers that you all can provide would be most appreciated.

Thank you,


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