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How do i connect speakers?
In my setup core and mm's are centralised. Distance from most distand speaker to the closet is 25 meters.
I have read speaker cable runs that exeed 15 m degrades sound quality.
What are my options?

Br Herman

Installation issues / 1004.....squeezebox not working
« on: January 21, 2012, 07:36:54 am »
Hi All,

Recently I added a squeezebox to the system. It was automatically detected and the procces went as usual. When I used the orbiter to play some music notting happened.
Then in web admin I went to >advanced>configuration>squeezebox server. I noticed the page was empty. Doing a manual install of the package learned that squeezebox server has a replacement, logitechmediaserver. I installed this package. After this the web admin page was present. I removed the squeezebox and added it again. This didn't work, still could not play audio.
Next attemp I deleted the pluto slim server plugin, the slim server streamer and the SB to have it re-detected improvement.
So far my skills go, hoping some one ells does better. BTW I am using a recent 10.04 of two weeks old.

EDIT1: added some of DCERouter.log
EDIT2: playing with the SB remote does work.

Best Regards

Code: [Select]
[08 01/21/12 7:58:35.600  Parameter 74(Offset): 0 <0x5adbbb70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.625 Received Message from 58 (iphone_orbiter / Kitchen) to 10 (Media Plug-in / Closet/Storage Space), type 1 id 43 Command:MH Play Media, retry none, parameters: <0x5adbbb70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.625  Parameter 2(PK_Device):  <0x5adbbb70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.625  Parameter 3(PK_DesignObj):  <0x5adbbb70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.625  Parameter 13(Filename): !G58 <0x5adbbb70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.625  Parameter 29(PK_MediaType):  <0x5adbbb70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.625  Parameter 44(PK_DeviceTemplate):  <0x5adbbb70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.625  Parameter 45(PK_EntertainArea): 4 <0x5adbbb70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.625  Parameter 116(Resume):  <0x5adbbb70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.625  Parameter 117(Repeat):  <0x5adbbb70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.625  Parameter 253(Queue):  <0x5adbbb70>
01 01/21/12 7:58:48.629 debug_stream_end MediaStream::MediaStream c1 1003/0x9601588 source 70 <0x87fb7b70>
07 01/21/12 7:58:48.629 Event #21 has no handlers <0xa73e9b70>
07 01/21/12 7:58:48.629 Received Message from 10 (Media Plug-in / Closet/Storage Space) to -1001 (unknown / ), type 2 id 21 Event:Listening to Media, retry none, parameters: <0xa73e9b70>
07 01/21/12 7:58:48.629  Parameter 27(PK_Room): 3 <0xa73e9b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.635 Received Message from 72 (SlimServer Plug-In / ) to 71 (Slim Server Streamer / ), type 1 id 249 Command:Start Streaming, retry none, parameters: <0x979d0b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.635  Parameter 29(PK_MediaType): 0 <0x979d0b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.635  Parameter 41(StreamID): 1003 <0x979d0b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.635  Parameter 42(MediaPosition):  <0x979d0b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.635  Parameter 59(MediaURL):  <0x979d0b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.635  Parameter 105(StreamingTargets): 70, <0x979d0b70>
05 01/21/12 7:58:48.635 The target device 71 (routed to 71) has not registered. <0xb7818b70>
01 01/21/12 7:58:48.636 About to call CMD_Play_Media sole master to 71 play media within start streaming <0x87fb7b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.636 Received Message from 72 (SlimServer Plug-In / ) to 71 (Slim Server Streamer / ), type 1 id 37 Command:Play Media, retry none, parameters: <0x979d0b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.636  Parameter 29(PK_MediaType): 4 <0x979d0b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.636  Parameter 41(StreamID): 1003 <0x979d0b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.636  Parameter 42(MediaPosition):  <0x979d0b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.636  Parameter 59(MediaURL): /home/public/data/audio/WDC_WD10EADS-00L5B1 (sdb2) on [32]/lossy/underworld/_maxi__push_upstairs/01___(Maxi)_Push_Upstairs___Push_Upstairs.mp3 <0x979d0b70>
05 01/21/12 7:58:48.636 The target device 71 (routed to 71) has not registered. <0xb7818b70>
05 01/21/12 7:58:48.636 Is streaming ?: 1 <0x87fb7b70>
05 01/21/12 7:58:48.636 play media command sent from 72 to 71! <0x87fb7b70>
05 01/21/12 7:58:48.636 Media_Plugin::CheckForAlternatePipes no destination for EA 4 Living Room/Family Room <0x87fb7b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.637 Received Message from 10 (Media Plug-in / Closet/Storage Space) to 70 (SqueezeBox Player / Living Room/Family Room), type 1 id 192 Command:On, retry none, parameters: <0xa73e9b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.637  Parameter 97(PK_Pipe): 1 <0xa73e9b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.637  Parameter 98(PK_Device_Pipes):  <0xa73e9b70>
05 01/21/12 7:58:48.637 The target device 70 (routed to 71) has not registered. <0xb7818b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.668 Received Message from 10 (Media Plug-in / Closet/Storage Space) to 58 (iphone_orbiter / Kitchen), type 1 id 242 Command:Set Now Playing, retry none, parameters: <0xa73e9b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.668  Parameter 3(PK_DesignObj): 54,4962,47,244,224,230 <0xa73e9b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.668  Parameter 5(Value To Assign): Underworld
(Maxi) Push Upstairs <0xa73e9b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.668  Parameter 9(Text): Push Upstairs <0xa73e9b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.668  Parameter 29(PK_MediaType): 4 <0xa73e9b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.668  Parameter 41(StreamID): 1003 <0xa73e9b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.668  Parameter 48(Value): 0 <0xa73e9b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.668  Parameter 50(Name):  <0xa73e9b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.668  Parameter 103(List PK Device): 71,71,71,,0,0,0 <0xa73e9b70>
08 01/21/12 7:58:48.668  Parameter 120(Retransmit): 1 <0xa73e9b70>
05 01/21/12 7:58:48.669 Media_Plugin::StartMedia() function call completed with honors! <0x87fb7b70>
05 01/21/12 7:59:36.832 Doing MPlayer redirection check... <0x6f7dcb70>
05 01/21/12 7:59:36.832 Doing MythTV redirection check... <0x6f7dcb70>
05 01/21/12 7:59:36.832 sending CMD_Play_Media from 24 to 42 with deq pos 5 <0x6f7dcb70>
05 01/21/12 7:59:36.832 set media id command sent with id F10020 <0x6f7dcb70>
05 01/21/12 7:59:36.832 play media command sent from 24 to 42! <0x6f7dcb70>

Users / Weederboard or knx
« on: January 17, 2012, 08:37:11 am »
Hi all,

I am ready to use lmce to automate some lights.
All of my lights are now wired to a central point in THE closet and are operated by relays and momentary switches.
So a really cheap sollution would be to use a weederboard with digital inputs to drive the existing relays.
There is allready some info in THE wiki:
Making a fulltime functioning GSD device looks like a nice little project.

However, can you Guys think of reasons not to use it and go for an other solution like KNX?
I am asking because there is so little mentioning of weederboards on THE forums.

Best regards

Users / submitted a template track#1390
« on: January 10, 2012, 07:15:14 pm »

I just submitted my sqlcvs diff to the server. The diff contains two templates, one for NAD_T763 receiver and one for zone 2 of NAD_T763.
Can someone of de devs have a look at it? The track ticket #1390 doesn't refer to the sqlcvs batch number because I couldn't find it. :-[

regards Mathieu

Users / how do you share lmce audio library with Itunes?
« on: August 10, 2010, 06:11:16 pm »
Hi All,

Instead of having a seperate Itunes collections of music, why not build the Itunes library with lmce audio.

I  tried pointing Itunes (windows XP) library to /home/public/data/audio/hdd1
The Itunes database would build very slowly. 4 Hours for +- 30G.
When Syncing the Ipod, I got errors (can't remember wich, did this couple of months ago). Googling the subject I found out samba + Itunes isn't a good combination.

So I was wondering how others here on the forum have their Ipods sync't.

br mathieu

Users / How to change the green background of the file list in Orbiter?
« on: August 05, 2010, 06:26:49 pm »

In this tread Nite_man discribes how he changed the dark green background in the media browser.

 I downloaded the png's and copied media_browser_row.png to said location, Corrected ownership and permissions, than I did a reload router and regenerate orbiter. still the same background. ???

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Nite_man?

Users / OTARadio scenario
« on: August 05, 2010, 08:43:56 am »

I have a OTARadio Scenario (FM radio of my receiver).
Choosing it brings up a dvd remote on UI1. The only commands that work here is Volume up and down and Mute.
I would like to add Presets to the remote for switching radio stations. Also removing all buttons not working or having a dedicated radio remote would be a good thing.

In Pluto_main in the Screen table, there is a RadioRemote (#84).
Is this something that can automatically appear on UI1 when choosing the OTARadio scenario?

br mathieu

EDIT: I stumbled on this wiki:
In de database Pluto_Main there is a table MediaType_DesignObj. FK_Screen of Mediatype #13 (OTARadio) is #77 (Generic DVD remote). Could it harm and change it to #84  ?

Users / [SOLVED] squeezebox refuses to appear in room
« on: August 03, 2010, 02:46:32 pm »

Recently I deleted a room (in webadmin) with a squeezebox in it. I have tried to recreate the room and add the still existing squeezebox device to it. This resulted in a UI with no media scenarios.

Things I tried to get the SB back up and running:

I deleted the squeezebox and allowed the core to redetect it.
I tried to create a new room with different name to put it in.
I removed the matching line in dhcpd.conf so another ip adress would be assigned.

does anyone know how to get the media scenarios back?

thanks in advance

Users / Play All for Videos doesn't work.
« on: July 11, 2010, 08:54:40 am »
Hi guys,

In the video section of orbiter I used to pick for instance a South Park episode , then in the attributes screen I would pick the South Park attribute, et voila there you have all episodes grouped. Choosing the option "Play All"  would indeed play all episodes one after the other. That was I guess 1,5 months ago.

Now I use the 06/19 snapshot. Trying the same now the image freezes, while at the same time the blue-red Fast Forward indicator appears on screen (also freezed). The main UI does not freeze. When choosing OFF, after a delay of +- 20 sec. the video is shut off.

Are the other users seeing the same behaviour?

Br Mathieu.

Hi All,

I just followed this wiki
It works, except the pictures are alpha blended on top of the Photo Screen Saver which makes it unusable.

A search in the forum didn't bring up anything.
I there a way to correct this?

br mathieu

Users / [SOLVED]:Sound over toslink drops at the end of a song
« on: July 06, 2010, 12:01:31 pm »
Hi guys,

I have an older receiver which lacks hdmi inputs. To get sound from my MD (asus M3N78-EM) to the receiver I use toslink, for video I use a hdmi cable to the tv.

The problem is that when I choose to play an audio or video file there is no sound unless I switch to an other input on the receiver and then back the correct one. For the time of the song then there is audio. When the song ends audio drops...

When instead the media director boots off it's own HDD with ubuntu 10.04 none of the said issues occure.
This means A the receiver is OK
                B the cable is OK
                C toslink digital out of MD is OK

While using vga instead of hdmi everything is ok: the sound doesn't drop.

So I was thinking that in one way of the other, there is sound going through hdmi which is interfering with the toslink. Does anybod have a clue of what needs to be done? Perhaps a kernel update?

Any suggestions are as allways greatly appreciated :)

br mathieu

Going the Stereo Ananlog route solved the problem.
Further research revealed that the NAD T763 receiver is picky in the Toslink signal it accepts.

Installation issues / can't get asus M3N78EM mb working as MD
« on: June 10, 2010, 01:53:04 pm »
My MD has a asus M3N78-EM motherboard which is plug n play. I installed the snapshot of 1/06 on the core and Ran the /usr/pluto/bin/diskless_CreateTBZ.
The setup procces goes through 'loadind vmlinuz..ready' and I can compleets the AV wizard. It reboots 3 times. Then it proceeds until "restarting BSD ssh daemon". Here it stops.
I can start kde with 'startx' in console. I guess this rules out video and nic problems.
cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version returns 195.36.04
Somewhere in the boot procces I saw: "starting mysql database server Mysqld failed".

Strange, this MB never gave me problems. however, I added a pci Intel nic because the onboard one is toasted.

thanks in advance

br mathieu

Users / Installation problem - snapshot 1e June
« on: June 08, 2010, 12:19:55 pm »

I'm trying to install lmce, without succes for a couple of times now. This is what happens,
the dvd is installed, then the lmce script is executed and then the system is rebooted.
Before the system shuts down following error is reported: Applcation Nepomuk Server crashed causing Signal 11.

-The system boots: I notice V4L2 modules failed to load.

In the house setup wizard: failed to get  ivtv videodrivers, failed to get mythtv plugin

                                     click "Start using the system", system answers: "the router is busy with the following task and cannot be reloaded right now: General Info Plug-in. See pending tasks: General Info Plugin Download Sofware on: 1"

I waited for an hour and choosed to click "Force Anyway"
while the  green progressbar  shows the startup of the lmce-devices.The Sarah-video frame is playing on top.
Then there is a black window with OK-button stating not all devices started correctly.
Ater this the wizard with Sarah appears again: I do it again confirming previous choises.

Then screens are generated, then again the green  progress-bar: it stops at Mythtv player

After short moment the lmce UI2 appaers.

I try to play a video: black screen without cursor or arrow.

I perform a reboot: black screen with message: "Installing Pluto-Mythtv-Plugin" and after this "Installing xmltv-util". I let it sit there for 30 minutes. Top shows in the meanwhile for Apt-Get 95-99% of cpu-usage.

rebooting takes me to the the "Installing Pluto-Mythtv-Plugin and xmltv utils' again.

This is a core with supported hardware. I never experienced with the early beta2 810 versions. As pvr I use one pvr250 and one pvr500.

Hopefully someone with more insight can hint me in the right direction.


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