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Installation issues / 0710 RC 2 - Cannot Cancel out of Setup Wizard
« on: July 22, 2008, 05:39:26 am »
After a working installation of LinuxMCE is complete (DVD setup), if you reenter any of the screens that are driven by the setup wizard, there seems to be no way of cancelling out of the operation.

Way of reproducing it:
Advanced -> Advanced -> Add Software

Then assume you didn't find anything new you wanted to add.
Every click on "Cancel" brings up the video of Sara saying "Congratulations! You're practically done". From that point on, you're stuck in a loop:

- Clicking "Cancel" brings up Sara saying "Congratulations" all over again.
- Clicking on the "Done" button brings up Sara saying "Congratulations" all over again.
- Clicking on the "Start using system" brings up a window telling you the router needs to be restarted and that the Orbiters need to be regenerated.

You shouldn't have to restart the router or regenerate orbiters (probably the most annoying part of setting up an otherwise very good system) if you haven't made any modifications.
And you certainly shouldn't have to listen to Sara go over and over again with her "Congratulations!" video.

Sony Vaio PCV-RX550
nVidia 6200 (UI2 with alpha)
80GB drive
Philips FlatTH HDTV

Otherwise, am really impressed with the quality of the work on LinuxMCE. I had thought that such a system would be useful, and was prepared to build one myself, and finding that someone already did it made my heart sing.

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