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Hi All,

I am afraid I am a newbie to Linux, and this is my first post to a Forum so forgive me if I get something wrong.
I have played a bit with LinuxMCE 7.04 and it installed fine on my machine, but I had problems with the setup of MythTV so I hoped with a clean LinuxMCE 7.10 installation to be able to finally get it all up and running.
I have installed a clean Kubuntu 7.10 and reformated the whole harddisk. Next I installed LinuxMCE 7.10 from CD iso's. The installation went fine until the part where it said that installation was completed and I would have to reboot. After the rebot I only got a window named AVWizard with the text "Failed to setup X" and a red "OK" button I was unable to click.

I started LinuxMCE in "recovery mode" and viewed the Xorg.0.log file. The log file ends with the following information:
(EE) No devices detected.

Fatal server error:
no screens found

I don't know how to proceed from here, can anybody help?

With kind regards

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