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Users / Advice on a good UK setup
« on: September 17, 2008, 04:55:10 pm »
Hi all,

I have tried LinuxMCE on and off a few times with varying amounts of success.  I am about to do a complete upgrade of my would be media directors and am looking for some advice on what to buy so that it might work with linux MCE and I can have another try!

I was looking to get a mini-ITX setup that would hopefully attach to the back of my tv's.  I am looking to budget at about £300 each which seems possible looking at (are there any other good mini-itx suppliers for the uk?).

Also one of the previous problems was getting the tv signal up and running due to badly compatible tv tuners so i am going to get another 2, any suggestions there?

Has anyone successfully worked with the home automation for a couple of power sockets and the lighting system, if so can you recommend a setup and uk distributor?

I know there are a few questions there but I appreciate any thoughts you may have so that i can make sure i am compatible with linuxmce going forward :) Also if there are any other suggestions of good places to purchase useful bits in the UK it would be great as most of the info i have found i then struggle to find somewhere to actually get the bits!!


Users / Media Director - Viglen MPC-L
« on: August 26, 2008, 05:40:28 pm »
Hi guys would this work as a media director?

apparently it is a 500Mhz AMD Geode processor and has 512Mb ram.  I would be interested in streaming HD to it from my server - would it be able to cope?  At the moment there is a deal on where you can get it for £79 delivered.


Users / UK Home automation, z-ware and TV control
« on: July 02, 2008, 04:42:26 pm »

I am still new to Linuxmce and am about to try a small scale home automation in the UK and have a couple of quick questions about suppliers and best items to get (at a reasonable price!)

I am thinking that z-wave would work well as I am in rented accomodation and want to be able to take it with me when I go!

For the controller i saw that the selix one is supported out of the box ( )

 I can't see from the selix site that they do anything to work with the usb hub apart from a sensor though so will it work with these light switches and plugs?

The next thing I am interested in automating is the TV on and off options...  I know the usbuirt ( is an option but to get one for every tv in the house would be quite pricey, are there any cheaper alternatives?  I have a toshiba 42wlt66 tv and a samsung LE32A436T1D, I dont think they have the rs connections but I am not sure exactly what to look for or where i would find the appropriate wiring to control them.

Ok now a couple of - probably super stupid - questions!  One of the things that i really want to use is the follow me functionality but i really don't understand how it works! can anyone enlighten me a little?  Are there any options for running a (mono) web server on the apache setup that linux mce uses?  Also what options are there for bit torrents?  I remember reading not to use apt-get after setting up linux mce as it might mess up the packages that are needed/used so what should i use instead?


Users / Lvm - help
« on: June 29, 2008, 12:41:02 am »
Hi all,

This is my first post and I have looked for a solution for about the last half a day googling but to now avail yet.

I have just set up a core and a md.  On the core before i had xubuntu installed and used lvm2 to pair up some hard drives.  They have all my films etc. on so i would rather not lose it all if i can help it!

I have tried a few different ways and just resorted to installing Webmin and trying to get that to do it, it can detect all of the volume groups, show me the drives that make them up etc.  However when I try to mount them using webmin I get the message "Failed to save mount : The device file '/dev/vg2/Series' does not exist"

Any help would be great or just a pointer in something that might help to google for!

System set up for core :

Old dell server :-
2 x 733Mhz P3
1.7 Gb Ram
Onboard graphics - 8mb i think
scsi raid array with 1 18Gb hdd for the OS
4 x 500Gb Sata
2 x 320Gb Sata
1 x 500Gb external

Running the 7.10 version of linux mce, installed with kubuntu first then the 2 separate cd's

If you need any more info just let me know!


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