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Developers / Webadmin new language
« on: September 20, 2011, 07:38:30 pm »
Hi again people.

I,m focusing for the current version or in for the future release of lmcae try to add other languages to webadmin. I found in the sources fo the web admin in the svn, the sources for the php where are placed all captions and could be transalated creating another folder with the new language.
Otherwise i found some relations pointing to the sql databases to look for something.

At the end my question is:
Where are really placed the captions for the webadmin in the php sources or in the databases?


Users / Do something when user mode changes
« on: August 17, 2011, 08:55:20 pm »
Hi again people

As the title of this post said, i can play in the respond to events criteria with a lot of things to do do something. But i didn't find anything regarding to check the user mode and execute something. You can set the mode in the event commands but not use the user mode to do something.
am i correct or not?
If i'm not correct please somebody can tell me how i need to do that?

Regards friends

Installation issues / [SOLVED] Apt Sources.list
« on: July 29, 2011, 04:35:11 pm »
Hi again,
I don't know if somebody knows that or if it's working on it, but i had opened a ticket regarding that.
If it is solved please remove this post.

I had observed in a new install of 0810, there's some mistakes regarding the edition of sources.list.
1.- In the wiki installation guide for 0810 there's a duplicate line for repos and you get a warning regarding that:

Line 1 - deb intrepid main restricted universe multiverse
Line 10 - deb intrepid main universe multiverse

2.- When you execute ./ the script update the sources.list and add a bad line on line 3-4. It writes:

deb 20dev_ubuntu maindeb intrepid beta2


deb 20dev_ubuntu main
deb intrepid beta2

 3.- Also when you execute ./ the scrip modify the sources.list file, removing the *.*archive*.* to *.*old-releases*.* but the repo from canonical still in archive and is not moved to old-releases entry. The entry for canonical should be:

deb intrepid partner


deb intrepid partner
that the script changes

The ticket is:

Tnks in advance

Users / DCERouter Delay function
« on: July 04, 2011, 09:20:13 pm »
Hi people.

I think there's a simple question, but i got stuck in this situation, using the router delay function.
The situation is that i use a CM15A X10 controller that works fine with all signals, on off and dimer, but i had created a lighting scenario in one of my MD to do:
-Switch on upstairs light
-Switch off all lights in salon
-Wait 120 seconds
-Switch off upstairs light

All is done ok, also the last off command for the upstairs light but using the DCeRouter Delay and set it to 120 seconds (In the comment for the parameter it say that the value is in Seconds) never wait directly switch off the light.
I tried the value in minutes setting it to 2, in seconds set it to 120 and in miliseconds set it to 120000, because i had read in some post and wiki that could be in all three, but never get a good result.
Any comments?

Thanks in advance.

Developers / Read X10 status from CM15A
« on: March 25, 2011, 07:22:33 pm »
Hi to all friends,

As the post title i will explain my case:
All my X10 installation is working OK from the begining, wall oulets and lights, but if i change the state from a normal on/off module (in example the AW12 from marmitek) from the wall switch the new state is not updated in the Router if i understand well. I don't know if is problem in the router, the module by itshelf due to a not send the status to CM15A or a code implementation that doesn't read the status of modules.

Somebody have some answer? Is just to go in one way to try solve it.



Users / Back up due to a fresh installation
« on: March 21, 2010, 09:15:28 pm »
Hi again friends,

As the title of the post is showing, i want to reinstall LMCE from the beginning, but i don´t want to spend a lot of time configuring again the system, couse it's a litlle bit big.
I think if i backup de databases from pluto and the MD kernel boot images should be enough or is not possible to do like that?

Any suggestions will be wellcome

Installation issues / Revo R1600 HDMI problems
« on: December 25, 2009, 09:26:57 pm »
Dear All,

I read a lot in the forum regarding that mini PC, but i didn´t found the solution.
I am using it like a MD, with Diskless boot over the 8.10 Beta2.
The first thing was it cannot boot up cause the Atheros driver for the wifi, cause i don´t use the wifi, i followed some explanations regarding that done by Totally, i had removed the restricted drivers for the wifi from the diskless image in the core and it works perfectly. At the end it booted up and all is OK, but when i re do the AV Wizard and try to change to de HDMI output, i have no output. When i select HDMI in the AV wizard swith to the input HDMI in the TV and also disconect the VGA cable from the revo, and switch the TV to de HDMI input and nothing appears.

Some sugestions more?

It is a "European version" Revo the Nvidia driver is the 190, i don´t know what can i do more?


Developers / Spanish gui language Done
« on: September 11, 2009, 09:39:59 am »
Dear Friends,

Yesterday i had finished the Gui translation to spanish for LinuxMCE.

I had openend a ticket in the SVN and had uploaded a Sql dump from the Language and Text_LS tables, for you can include it in the new release.

If you need more information just ask.

Installation issues / HTC P3300
« on: June 15, 2008, 10:52:50 pm »
Hi guys i´m so new about that, but i had readed a lot of post about that but at the end my conclusion is that i cannot install an pluto orbiter in the HTC P3300 Windows Mobile 6.1 based or at least doesn´t run.
I had installed the package for this and run it, then do the conection from de DCERouter and generate all the images on the PDA, the core dectecs it like a #51 dispositive. For last step the core demand to quick reload, i did it and the when i start the orbiter in the PDA start to adquire data and lock de PDA, never works. Is the problem the version of Windows Mobile or not?

Then another thing is that i cannot do nothing via Web orbiter, i connect it and arrive to the UI, but i touch the buttons like media, or video or something like that y nothing happens, still the same windows every refresh. I need to say that another web orbiter in a windows XP laptop runnings ok, using also via wifi.

Some comments?

Thanks a lot guys


An Spanish LMCE user

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