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Users / Help determine my min requirements
« on: May 28, 2009, 05:21:22 am »
Ok, may last post was I was a bit too hopeful.  Perhaps someone could help identify some of the requirements I should be looking for?

Both of my TVs support 1080i.  My cable provider gives me up to 1080 depending on channel.  Output from by cable boxes can be component or hdmi, but not mixed (ie, if i use hdmi for video, i have to use it for sound too).

I would like to be able to record tv in 1080i, as well as play them back in 1080i..  I would be fine if playback was 720, as long as it doesn't look all goofed up.
I believe I will need to pick an nvidia 7xxx or 8xxx to get vdpau support.  (I know linuxmce does not support this, but i'll give it a shot, but i'm not counting on it.)
Until vdpau is supported,  Im lost as to what CPU i should be looking for.  Looking around i haven't seen a cpu that i can use for 1080i.. I hope im misunderstanding something.

I also have a lot of trouble finding a mini-itx system that has what i need with an optical spdif.  Does anyone know if digital coax is becoming a standard over optical?  If that were the case, I would woudn't mind getting getting a system that does not have optical.

Users / Going nuts trying to find hardware...
« on: May 27, 2009, 03:22:54 am »
I am very eager to get started with LinuxMCE, but I am having a very hard time trying to find working hardware.  I've spent at least 14 hours between today and yesterday, and still do not know what to get.  What I want to avoid is spending a pile of money to find out that it is not compatible.  Has anyone built a good MD that is working 100%?  If so, are the parts still available for purchase :)

I would like to have 1 Core, and two media directors.  The MD's I would like to get for around $400.
What I need in a MD
PXE Boot,
HDMI out
Optical S/PDIF
Watch, Record/Play 1080i from the cablebox without hickups (Cablevision makes enough as is).  Looking at the following link,  I doesn't seem like I'll be able to pull this off.  I get the feeling that there is no processor I can get that will let me do 1080i..

For the Core:
2x IR Blasters  (one for each cable box...)
I'm sure I can find enough parts to build a core.

Here is what I have

Living Room:
50' Plasma - 1080i
LG HTiB Reciever / DVD player. Has an optical S/PDIF.
Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250HD
PS3, XBox360, Wii

32' LCD - 1080i
Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250HD

For each I have a Cablevision branded piece of garbage, model Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250HD.  I am certain I will need to use an IR blaster for this, although if there is a better option I'm all ears. It can take a while to change channels, and up to 4 minutes to pull up the menu.  anyway..

Users / Looking for help choosing the right hardware
« on: June 02, 2008, 05:24:10 am »
I'm looking to get started with LinuxMCE, and would like some help with choosing the correct hardware. I'm hoping to completely eliminate the need to use my cable providers painfully slow menus. Pulling up their menus reminds me of the days of web browsing with a 14k dialup modem.  I'm also hoping to reduce the number of remotes needed, control the room lighting, and of course record tv shows and be able to watch them on either tv.  I currently don't have anything in place for recording.

I am looking for the best LCME experience I can get for under $5,000 (Hopefully not spending that much).  I want to make sure that any further hardware I buy is compatable with LMCE, which is why I'm posting. I want it all to 'just work' so I'm looking to use hardware that has already been tested to work w/ LMCE . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is what I currently have.  I'm assuming that I won't be able to use my LG sound system.  I will likely move that upstairs and get a new compatable sound system for my living room.
2 Rooms to start, will need up to 4 rooms max.

Optimum IO TV (Westchester NY).

Living Room:
Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250HD
Samsung 50' Plasma (Don't recall the model)
LG HTiB (LH T9654)
Nintendo Wii

Bed Room:
Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250HD (Using Component cables so that I can control volume via the cable box).
Polaroid 37" LCD TV.
No sound system or other appliances


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