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Installation issues / Gigabit ethernet card runs @ 100
« on: April 18, 2014, 10:24:58 pm »

Before I get too stupid and spend hours/hours looking into things... would a 1 Gigabit card running r8169 driver get stuck @ 100 speed?

Everything works fine except the speed.

I want to set up jumbo frames on my LMCE network because my MD's are not the fastest CPU's.

I was hoping to increase the frame size, reduce my CPU processing and improve my data transmission speeds.

I have one device in the network which is connecting @ 100Mbps @ the switching hub but "spec-wise" has a gigabyte card.

Other devices are 1Gig at the hub.



Just in case anyone was interested.


Installation issues / Snap April 13 28939 ehci_hcd errors - Kinda
« on: April 15, 2014, 09:26:37 pm »

On this snap (could have been earlier as well) I received a...


...error on usb 3-4 at boot up with lots of usb 3-4: device descriptor read/64 and device not accepting address XX messages .

So I ...

cd /sys/bus/pci/drivers/ehci_hcd

and did ...

ls -l

In my case this displayed two files with 0000:00:XX.X names.

I entered the command...

echo -n "0000:00:XX.X" > unbind

for both files and this slowed the messages down quite a bit.  At least it made it easier to enter command prompt entries without having everything overwritten by the terminal output messages.

This had to be re-entered every time I rebooted.

So I put the commands into /etc/rc.local and rebooted.

echo -n "0000:00:XX.X" > unbind /sys/bus/pci/drivers/ehci_hcd

They don't come up as nearly often but they still annoy during troubleshooting.

I don't understand why they still pop up - period, but it's way less annoying than before.



Looks like some error reporting was turned on.

The handshaking between LMCE and DNS 323 NAS continues as reported in reply #19 but I am now getting flooded with (it is spring) a few    Error connecting to socket - aborting operation     and continuous...

CIFS VFS: Send error in SessSetup = -13
CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -13



I don't get any eth0 ip address listed when I do an ifconfig.

I have reset everything, powered up/down, etc.

eth1 is  Bcast:  Mask:
lo is Mask


Installation issues / xrandr & gtf question.
« on: March 17, 2014, 04:09:00 am »

If xrandr doesn't show a particular screen resolution - for example 1280x720 does that mean my monitor will not be able to exactly reproduce that resolution?

Even if I plug in a modeline supplied by gtf?



In 12.04 with CRT and VGA screen I had this issue...  see reply #6

...(CRT/VGA/8400GS) and I managed to get around it.

Now I am using completely different hardware (HDTV monitor (1680x1050 max), DVI/8500GS) and adding a modeline and modes either kicks me out to command prompt - no X window and I am provided with a small LMCE window.

I have tried AVWizard in various configuration 1080, 720, etc. but no luck.

I have tried various xorg.conf setups.

When I go to KDE desktop (via LMCE menu) the KDE screen is properly rendered.  Only LMCE screen is small.



In the "Who are You? screen during the installation process the "Your computer's name" field gets populated with...



Installation issues / Release notes?
« on: March 07, 2014, 01:49:53 am »

Just curious, but, when a new .iso is spun could release notes be provided?

What's been fixed. attempted, etc.?

I'm sorry, but during testing I've chewed up my download cap way to often.

I want to help testing, but, if there is nothing provided as an explanation in the latest compile I am sorry....

.../I just can't help as vmuch as I want to.


Installation issues / No MD network discovery on Mar.1/14 28786 load.
« on: March 01, 2014, 04:31:26 pm »

Just stating the obvious since DHCP network discovery (NAS) isn't up.


Installation issues / 24-Feb-2014 2.61GB Is this right?
« on: February 25, 2014, 03:34:23 am »

Just curious.

Installation issues / FYI - Sat Feb. 22 apt-get update
« on: February 22, 2014, 06:49:48 pm »


Feb. 14 build.

I haven't got my MD running yet on my Core/Hybrid system.

I did the apt-get update/upgrade and on initial run for lmce-diskless-tools received "E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1).

Reran upgrade got...

Setting up lmce-diskless-tools ( ...
  Removing any system startup links for /etc/init.d/haltMDs ...
chroot: cannot change root directory to /usr/pluto/diskless/*: No such file or directory
chroot: cannot change root directory to /usr/pluto/diskless/*: No such file or directory
dpkg:  error processing lmce-diskless-tools  (--configure):
  subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 125
No apport report written because MaxReports is reached already
                                                                                                      Errors were encountered while processing:
E:  Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

I'll get around to adding my MD today - I hope.  I'll rerun apt upgrade after I build MD.


Installation issues / 14-Feb-2014 build notes.
« on: February 16, 2014, 10:01:35 pm »
Booted the 14-Feb-2014 snapshot.

I selected "Install LinuxMCE Hybrid-Core + MD"

At "Preparing to install LinuxMCE"

"is connected to the internet" always failed no matter which ethernet cable was in eth0 or eth1.

At this point I went with motherboard=eth0, pci=eth1.

When I went with motherboard=eth0 and pci=eth1 the installation would run and eventually I'd end up at the KDE desktop which looked like a Live-DVD install.

If I rebooted the PC at this point I would receive a flashing cursor - end of story.

If I selected Install LinuxMCE the system would re-attempt to install Kubuntu 12.04 and eventually crash.

When I swapped eth0 and eth1 (motherboard=eth1 and pci=eth0) the system loaded. did it's thing and eventually I received the armchair penguin.

Somewhere along the route my screen was distorted but a power off/on (of the monitor) resolved it.

Once everything calmed down and I managed to get the GNU GRUB menu I selected Ubuntu with Linux.

Again I got into a loop.  When I was again/and/again presented with the GNU GRUB menu I swapped my ethernet cables back to motherboard=eth0 and pci=eth1.

This time I got past the Waiting for network configuration to Waiting up to 60 seconds for network configuration to Booting the system without a full network configuration.

Eventually the AVWizard ran.


p.s. don't forget to go into webadmin and swap your network interfaces around if they're messed up when you check with ifconfig.


Connected my NAS to the Core/Hybrid and it was discovered.  (A little slower than usual.)

I added Volume_1 and Volume_2 as windows shares.

I waited an hour and a half but no videos were presented under Media>Video.

I checked /home/public/data/videos/ and saw only "Windows Share-Volume_1  [31]".

When I tried to "ls" the files I received the message  "Too many levels of symbolic links."

I then did a reboot.

After about 10 minutes I did an "ls" @ /home/public/data/videos/ and after about a minute was returned with "Windows Share-Volume_1  [31]" and "Windows Share-Volume_2  [32]".

I did a ls on "Windows Share-Volume_1  [31]" and after about 2-3 minutes I received the  "Too many levels of symbolic links." message.

I did the same on Volume_2 and received the same message.

Nothing was listed under Media>Video.

I'll poke around later.



I have no audio on Feb. 11/14 build plus no Sarah video.

I've looked at my ALSAMIXER stuff but nothing yet.  Will keep investigating.


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