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Developers / Setting up new hardware
« on: May 08, 2008, 03:58:15 pm »
The process of setting up new hardware seems particularly difficult, especially considering how easy everything else is configure.  I am trying to setup a cell phone over bluetooth.  The system seems to know its there, but I can tell how it configured it and what parts of the phone it recognized.  Using windows I know the phone has at least 4, if not 5, child devices.  However, I can't tell if LinuxMCE has found any of these devices.

I have gone through ALL the web configure screens, and end up on the one with device piping on it.  I can't decided whether I should pipe "Bluetooth Dongle" directly to "phone", or whether I should ignore the phone and map "Bluetooth Donlge" to each one the the child device separately.  For example, the phone has a direct bluetooth serial port that support the standard AT command set plus additional command set that allow sync of other phone data such as contacts.  It also allows remote dialing.  (ATDT)  On another screen when I select Bluetooth the only choices it offers are Audio and Video and I don't want either of those right now.  Do I map "bluetooth dongle" to "serial port" completely ignoring the cell's phones modem??  Should I be doing device piping at all??

My gut instinct is that all the choice I made were wrong and I am completely on the wrong track and just don't know it.

There should be a screen where I can say USB connects to bluetooth dongle connects to cell phone and has these child devices.  It would be even better if it was plug and play, if windows and enumerate child devices automatically, it can be emulated on another OS.

help?? :(

Also when windows shares are detected they just say windows share instead of what the share name is and what server they are on.  Therefore I can not provide valid credentials without using trail and error method.

Developers / Myth backward incompatiblity
« on: May 06, 2008, 01:37:48 am »
I previously setup mythtv (svn release) on another box, and have loaded all my media files(video,audio, etc) on to it.  I configured it and attempted to connect(expecting much delight) , but the error says I have protocol version 40 and LinuxMCE uses 31.  After downloading the current release version, resolving dependancy, etc still not happy.  This time its the db schema version.  A couple more hours of downloading and compiling and I got the frontend to work.  However,  I can't tell LinuxMCE that the world viewable share name is \\mythdvr\sharename (and specify user/pass) so it can't actually play the files.  I read that you put a wrapper around mythtv so direct upgrade using (svn and svn update) may not be possible, but is still is desirable.  However, implementing a much newer mythtv is possible.  Also because of the wrapper the main interface still uses the old version. Darn!! 

     Also RC1 was release on April 28, why is it not using the new ubuntu version 8.04 because kubuntu is obviously based on ubuntu.  Some kind of forward compatibility would be nice, possibly using "create view" to create a compatible view of the databases.  Otherwise all frontend and backends have to be identical versions, and I not rolling my version back to some version that an archaeologists dug up.

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