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Just toying around some more with LMCE and decided to control my XBOX 360 (that I use for HD-DVD playing reasons) as well.
So I bought an USB-UIRT and after some struggling with it simply ignoring the ir codes I threw at it, finally I have "mapped" the HD-DVD remote to a brand new device in LMCE.
Everything's fine, 'till I use the XBOX 360. Every Fiire chief keypress is simply transmitted twice or thrice (or at least this is the result I obtain).
I tried to reprogram a couple of times all the keys on the remote but with the same results.
Anyone else got this behaviour? And maybe solved it?


Users / Dumb remote/event question
« on: April 07, 2008, 07:42:05 pm »
It' probably something stupid here that I'm missing, but I keep having my Yamaha receiver being shut down after 5 minutes.
This happens when the system is not playing media.
Once powered off also my usb-irt controlled plasma TV goes down in few minutes because of the lack of a video signal.
So far so good but a couple of questions arise:

Can I specify the amount of time to pass before the power off of the receiver (and where has to be done)?

Is there a way, preferibly using the fiire remote, to power on the receiver (and maybe the tv, as the tv is my primary screen)?
Have I to "program" an event/scenario? Or is there a simpler way to achieve this?

Im my mind, since was LMCE turning off the receiver, I thought pressing a button on the remote would instruct LMCE to "resume" the normal activity, hence powering back on the devices it switched off because of the idle state... clearly it's not happening.

Users / media player behaviour - back to last selection possible?
« on: March 25, 2008, 10:09:51 pm »
I'm another newbie trying to explore the depths of LME.
Apart from the little setup problems I have yet to overcome, I have a question regarding the "usability" of the media player interface.

I noticed that the default behaviour of the player is, when a video ends, to  get you back to the beginning of the media list, no matter the filters/searches/scrolls you you did in order to select the video to watch.
I find much more comfortable to get through a search or scroll down to the media i want to play, and when it ends, be brought back to the page or the searched list of items I where just before hitting play.
It's even more useful in case of a list of short media contents that a user could want to play one after the other (although in this scenario maybe a playlist could suffice, but I don't know how this functionality works in LME, yet).

So my question is: is there an option, somewhere, to set the behaviour of the interface the way I described?
Or any other method, that is.

Thanks in advance,


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