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Users / Migrating from MythTV to LinuxMCE
« on: March 17, 2010, 05:42:39 pm »

I've recently been thinking about moving from MythTV to LinuxMCE, so I can start dabbling into the home automation side of life.

I currently have a MythTV backend with three satellite receivers attached along one front end (specs at bottom).  How easy is it to throw LinuxMCE onto the backend, which is running MythDora 10.21 (Myth upgraded to 0.22), without losing my MythTV backend and all of the recordings?

Should I invest in a separate box for the LinuxMCE core?

And should a new machine be needed for the core, what about H/W recommendations?

Current machines:
   Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz
   6Gb RAM
   16GB SCSI HW Raid 1 for OS
   1TB HDD Raid 1 storage + 1 external 1TB for nightly rsync
   1 PVR-500 (dual input)
   1 PVR-150
   1 CommandIR II 4 port iR transceiver

   Zotac ION-ITX-A-U (Intel Atom 330 Dual Core + nVidia ION Chipset)
   2Gb RAM
   16Gb Flash card (replacing HDD)
   USB-UIRT2 (with the gray Phillips MCE remote)
   Samsung 46" using the VGA input

Thanks in advance!

Users / Samsung DLP TV's
« on: March 30, 2008, 05:17:03 am »
I am looking at a Samsung HL-T5076S for my 'main' TV in a LinuxMCE setup.  This TV (and two PC's I already own) will be the start of LinuxMCE for me.  I noticed that it has both a USB and a serial connection on the back.  Has anyone out there gotten LinuxMCE to control the TV via either the USB or serial connections?


Users / Designing LinuxMCE home
« on: March 17, 2008, 04:12:57 pm »
I am attempting to LinuxMCE my home (on paper), and at the moment I am looking for some hardware.  The basic Linux boxes and set top boxes I have, along with storage, etc.  What I am looking for at the moment are:

1.  Web pads.  ANyone know of a cheap web pad to use for a remote?
2.  Panel PC's.  I want to mount a few "panel PC's" in strategic rooms, to monitor web cams, talk to people at the front door, etc, etc.  I've seen some about, mostly industrial.  Anyone have any sources on consumer Panel PC's with speaker / mic (for intercom).

Also, I don't remember seeing this in the video, but can you have a 'front door buzzer' that when pressed, brings up a PiP display and/or changes certain PC's (like the Panel PC's) to a front door cam / intercom automatically?

Also, does ANYone know of a capture card with either co-ax or optical audio input?  Will the Hauppauge PVR-HD have an input?  I am planning 4 Starchoice receivers, with component input once that capture card arrives...

Thanks all.

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