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Installation issues / nothing after install
« on: February 27, 2008, 04:05:02 pm »
Yes i have read the posts about the black screens after install. However I think my situation may (maybe not) different.
First of all my motherboard has no onboard video, I'm using a nvidia 7300 video card that has DVI, VGA, and Component. I am also using a Zalman HT1600 case that has a 7in. LCD monitor on it.

I have the VGA from the card hooked up to the monitor on the case, and I use component to hook up to my TV. (I have also tried using the DVI port to connect to my HDMI on tv with same results)

During install I see everything fine on both the case monitor as well as my TV, After Install I see the Kubuntu loading screen, a couple of text lines that pass by really quick and then
I get a couple of flashs, my guess is attempting to load x, and then everything just goes blank my TV goes into power saving mode because its not getting video signal, and the monitor on my case also stays blank. After about 5min. of this my wireless logitech keyboard (mx5000) says its not connected anymore via the LCD screen. So it seems as if the computer just locks up. I also hear no sound during any of this, and I have gone through the install twice now.

I am using version 0710 beta 3 (DVD)

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