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I am selling some components from my LinuxMCE system. Please make me an offer on anything you're interested in.

I accept Paypal, but you'll need to pay the 3% markup. Or you can mail me a money order.

You'll need to pay the actual postage costs as well. I prefer to send it USPS, Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation; this is the cheapest way to send it with delivery tracking.

1) Gyration Air Mouse Go: Very gently used, in excellent condition. $85 new, I'm asking $50. The interface for the Core & Media Directors is designed for this mouse. Fully plug-and-play in LMCE.

Items 2 & 3 are new. I got them to pair to my ZWave stick, but at the time I didn't understand I needed a ZWave mini-mote for them to work. So I removed the batteries and put them back in the box. They pair up to the stick fine, and the motion lights activate as they should. With a Zwave stick & a Minimote, these are fully plug-and-play in LMCE.

2) HomeSeer ZWave MultiSensor HSM100. $85 new, I'm asking $65.

3) HomePro ZWave Motion Sensor ZIR000. $61 new, I'm asking $45.

4) HomePro Appliance Module ZRP100. $40 new, I'm asking $25. Last time I checked, the appliance modules weren't working with LMCE. It worked fine in Pluto Home and in LMCE 0704.

5) Panasonic Ethernet IP camera KX-HCM110A. $300 new, I'm asking $200. This part is used, but it's sat unplugged for the last several months. I just tested it again & it works fine. Fully plug-and-play in LMCE.

You can call or text me at 512 * 636 * 7596. All serious offers considered.

I'm a reputable member of the LMCE community, people in the chat room will vouch for me, like TSCHAKeee, golgoj4 and Merkur2K. I've been part of the community since Pluto Home, and was in the LMCE chatroom the first month that it was open.

Kevin aka 7

Users / 8.10 beta2 MythTV & HDHomeRun not working
« on: January 07, 2010, 04:03:45 am »
Hi people,

I just installed beta2 earlier this week.

My HDHomeRun & MythTV aren't working consistently.  :'( When I get home from work, MythTV backend is down, and Myth has made numerous attempts to record my shows, leaving behind a bunch of small clips of each show that are 35-50 megabytes each. I can watch most of the clips without a problem, but some just give a black screen.

My Core has problems shutting down cleanly. Most of the time I have to press the reset button, because multiple attempts to reboot in multiple ways (over SSH, from the web admin, from the Orbiter) fail. I wonder if this might be causing the problem.

Here is a pastebin of my log from right before my shows should have started recording, at 7pm, up through when I got home & rebooted Myth around 8pm.

Any ideas?


I'm selling my Extended ATX Core, which was built in August 2007 for compatibility with Pluto Home, the predecessor to LinuxMCE.

This machine is tested and 100% working. It has been kept mostly unused (turned off) in a climate-controlled environment. I've also made sure it's stayed dust-free by using canned air every few months. It will easily last 5-7 more years running full-time without a problem, because I built it from the highest quality parts to ensure long life and reliability. It could easily serve as a Core for a very large house, since it 3 LAN ports: One is 10/100, for the Internet connection, and the other two are Gigabit, giving you a large backbone for your internal network. You could put all your Media Directors on one of the Gigabit ports, and the rest of your internal network on the other.

There's nothing wrong with it, it makes a great Core; it was bought for a business partnership that's being liquidated. The fans can be turned down so that it's pretty quiet; or you could stuff it in a closet with the fans on high.

Here's a link to my Craigs List ad:

Here are the parts and links to prices online:

Power Supply and Case:
$180 @ Antec Titan 650 Watt Power Supply & EATX Case

$334 @ Tyan S2882G3NR-D-RS R Motherboard
This is a well-equipped server board with 4 PCI-X slots (extended, not express), one PCI slot, 3 LAN ports (2 Gigabit), 2 RS232 ports, plenty of USB ports, and room for a second Dual-Core processor.

$120 @ AMD Dual-Core Opteron 275 2.2Ghz CPU

$182 @ Qty. 2 of Kingston KVR400S4R3A/1G.
2 Gigabytes of memory, with 2 more memory slots for the existing processor.

$33 @ NVidia GeForce FX5200 256megabytes

$18 @ Qty. 2 of Rosewill RCX-Z1 CPU fan, Long life ball-bearing for 45,000+ hours
You get two of these; one is already installed on the existing CPU, and one is new in the box for when you decide to add another CPU. I used Arctic Silver CPU Paste on the existing fan, to ensure optimum cooling for the life of the CPU & fan.

$18 @ Qty. 3 of Antec TriCool 92mm case fans
2 are installed in front of the hard drive bays. There is room for the 3rd fan (included) on the case door, but it must be installed carefully so that you're able to open & close the case door as needed, without getting a stray cord caught in a fan.

$83 @ Logitech Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse
I got this keyboard because I type alot, it's very comfortable, keeps up with fast typing, and gives good distance from the computer. I actually bought two of them and am keeping the other. The NewEgg description says it's beige and black; it is not, it's silvery-blue-grey and black.

$54 @ Lite-On Dual Layer DVD Burner with LightScribe

$44 @ Maxtor 120GB Ultra ATA 133 Hard Drive
This is the fastest IDE hard drive you can get. There are plenty of SATA hard drive ports on board; plus there is a 3Ware SATA RAID controller included.

$815 @ 3Ware 8506-8 SATA RAID Controller
       If you know drive controllers, you know that nearly all RAID controllers are "FakeRAID", which means it relies on your system's resources and thereby slows your whole computer down. Among the few exceptions, are 3Ware RAID controllers (and some Intel controllers). There's a reason these drive controllers are pricey; it's like having a small, separate computer inside your computer just to run the hard drives. In fact it does have built-in memory and a CPU.

The system comes with the latest version of the motherboard BIOS installed. The floppy drive is installed in the case, and the drive works; however the included data cable is not long enough because the data port is on the opposite side of the case from the floppy drive. On the rare occasions I needed the floppy drive, it was very easy to just slide it out of the front bay (the case includes fast-access drive rails) & plug it in temporarily with the short data cable; or a longer floppy cable is only a few dollars. The motherboard BIOS hasn't had a new version in several years, so it's unlikely you'll ever need the floppy again for that.

This will make a great Core for someone, it just needs a sound card (Audigy, $15), and some SATA drives to store your media. The included ATA drive is for the operating system and runs really fast; or you could upgrade that to SATA also if you want, since the motherboard has plenty of onboard SATA ports. (I used an ATA drive for the OS, because of a limitation of Pluto Home / Debian Sarge. The current versions of LinuxMCE have full support for the onboard SATA ports.)

Feel free to bring all offers. Buyer pays actual shipping costs; I won't charge any handling, and I already have the necessary shipping boxes. Find me in the chat room, or email me Kevin -at- Apollo Smart Homes *dot* com  (no spaces).

Up for sale are two Z-Wave 3-Wire 300 Watt dimmer switches. I bought these right before moving into an older house which needs 2-wire switches.

One of them was installed briefly at the old house for less than a week and worked perfectly; that one has some minor cosmetic damage on the backside, which won't show once it's installed. The other one is in perfect condition and was never installed or used. I don't have the original boxes or packaging, but they've been well-kept in a climate-controlled environment.

They're $42 new here:

I'm asking $60.00 OBO for both of them, including Priority Mail shipping in the US, paid via Paypal. Find me in the chatroom or email me at (no spaces)  Kevin -at- Apollo Smart Homes *dot* com

Marketplace / For Sale or Trade - Z-Wave hardware
« on: August 15, 2008, 02:35:21 pm »
I have some Z-Wave hardware for the USA for sale.

1) Two Homepro Z-Wave ZDW100W wall dimmer switches. I bought them around this time last year from, but then I moved to an older house where they won't work (these are the 3-wire switches that require a neutral). The sides of one switch are a little scratched, due to my trying to fit it into a smallish switchbox - but it's only cosmetic damage towards the back of the switch and it will be hidden once the switch is installed.

They were originally $40 each plus shipping. I want to replace them with 2wire Z-Wave switches so I'll consider a trade, otherwise I'm hoping for $60.00.

2) One HomePro Z-Wave RS232 Controller ZCS000. I bought this about 15 months ago (back in the days of Pluto Home) before I really knew what I was doing (which is not to say that I really do now). It was originally $100 and it has not been used at all. Make me an offer.

It would probably work on LMCE without too much trouble, although I haven't tried it so I cannot guarantee that. I have the USB version, the ZCU000, which works Plug-and-Play. I'm willing to help the Buyer out with any information from my LMCE installation that might be helpful in getting it working - I figure you could probably just manually add the device to the Devices tree with the correct settings & get it to work (but again, no guarantees that it will work in LMCE).

I'm willing to consider trades for other LMCE-compatible hardware. I currently *really* need:
- two compatible 100m Bluetooth adapters (preferably that you've verified work with the JavaMO),
- a USBUIRT (preferably with a Xantech emitter), &
- a Z-Wave motion sensor or two,
so I'd definitely trade some of my stuff for any of those items. But I'd also consider trading all the items listed above for a GC100, or maybe an HDHomeRun (but jeez I'm really tryin to lay off the TV).

Otherwise I'd prefer payment via Paypal. Packing & handling is free, buyer pays actual shipping costs. If I don't get any responses I'll put the stuff on Ebay in a few days.

I'm usually in the IRC chatroom as Cylon7, or you can email me (no spaces) Seven at Apollo Smart Homes *D0T( C0M


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