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Users / Disappointment
« on: February 11, 2008, 03:59:42 am »
I just finished installing and uninstalling LinuxMCE 0710 beta. ??? ??? ???

And just in case I have did this on two different computers (amd 3800X2, 2gb, nvidia8600gt; and amd 4200X2, 1GB, ati 1250 integrated).

It was nothing like linuxmce vs winmce video, or like quick install, what was labeled on dvd iso. ??? ??? ???

During installation i could not set up resolution for my projector(hd 720, 16:9) on every 16:9 resolution test i was getting 800x600 output, even if I have chose less demanding gui, was slow responding(pathetic), and gui was looking bad, very ugly, so repulsive that it would be unusable even if everything else was working perfectly, my home madded ir wasn't working, even if its works under Kubuntu and win and suse ..., I could not setup mythtv backend, and that disgusting chick video during setup was completely unnecessary, it was replaying it self over and over again ..... ??? ??? ??? ???

I know that there is lots of work behind LinuxMCE and I was very enthusiastic about it, but now for me, now, this look like project without any perspective. :'( :'( :'(

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