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Developers / Problem editing ruby commands for new device template
« on: July 18, 2009, 02:29:06 pm »
I've been trying to create a new device template for the Clipsal CBUS interface by following the instructions at

When I click the 'Edit Ruby Codes' button I get the new window titled 'Edit Ruby Codes' but it shows the following message in red "There are no groups/codesets for this manufacturer and device category. Please add a group before adding codes."

I had a look in the DeviceTemplate table for other templates using FK_DeviceCategory=81 (Lighting Interface) and noticed tha the PLCBUS template (1920) appears to be very similar to what I'm trying to achieve.  When I click the 'Edit Ruby Codes' for this template it doesn't show the nasty message.

Does anyone know of any special steps that might be required to accomodate the different manufacturer (Clipsal) ?

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