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Users / Technotrend S2-3200 drivers doing nothing
« on: May 14, 2008, 10:46:26 pm »
Hey all,

I've finally installed my Technotrend S2-3200 DVB-S2 card (My satellite dish is getting installed tomorrow)
I followed these instructions to install the driver to the letter:

But for some completely unknown reason the modules do nothing when I load them. I get no /dev/dvb
There are *no* compilation errors! So I don't know what could be the problem

Some console output:

04:01.0 Multimedia controller: Philips Semiconductors SAA7146 (rev 01)

dmesg | grep saa
[   37.931073] Audiowerk 2 sound card (saa7146 chipset) detected and managed
[   38.332543] saa7146: register extension 'budget_ci dvb'.

I should be getting a lot more from that dmesg message!

I'm using a Samsung SGH-U600 to get JavaMO working on the new RC but I'm running in to these problems:

* Getting the hybridcore & the U600 paired up is quite difficult. My hybridcore recognized the bluetooth phone immediately but, when it was trying to connect, my phone asked for a pin code. I tried all the default ones (1111, 1234, 0000, 9999, ...) but they didn't work. I also was not able to define a pin code in the hybridcore.
I did manage to pair them by going into KDE and messing about with the Kbluetooth-tools.

* Unfortunately, even though I finally did get them to "pair", it didn't do much, the JavaMO program still shows the message "Waiting for connection" constantly. Is it possible hari's bluetooth-dongle patch still isn't incorporated in the RC? (Or do I need to change something extra in the "LinuxMCE Admin"? By the way, what does "VMC" stand for in "Resend VMC to phone")
Eventually, when bluetooth is enabled on my phone, the hybridcore will keep on displaying this message "Done with new device bluetooth_hci Added: Bluetooth Dongle" - over and over again.

* Reconnecting a device is quite hard. First up the hybridcore asked what type of phone I had, but this screen popped up while I was in another screen (setting up my samba shares) so I accidentally added it as a windows-mobile phone. I then had to go to the "LinuxMCE Admin" to delete it, but after that it didn't care about the phone anymore. Even though he was seeing it, he didn't ask what type it was or so.

Thank you for your time!

Users / What can WE do ...
« on: February 05, 2008, 06:00:11 pm »
... to get our devices working? :)

If I'm not mistaken you need to create a seperate "driver" for LMCE (even if linux can work with it, maybe lmce can't, right?) so what do we need to do to help you get our devices working? (and then I'm talking about my Antec fusion's VFD and IR receiver and my remote control and such, ...)

Users / Newtork problems (Ports and all)
« on: January 31, 2008, 09:56:07 am »
Hello again,

I've set up my temporary hybrid (it's only a celeron 2,66 ghz in a very old case). It's connected to my real router, but I can't connect all the devices to the hybrid directly. I still wish to use my real router as an access point, and I even want to connect some other devices to it.

Now, this all kind of works, my computer is getting an IP address from the hybrid, but then I stumbled on to a real problem: I can't open my ports!

I tried opening a port in the real router, and I even disabled the firewall on the hybrid, but I just can't get through...

Installation issues / Non-bootable CDs (Downloaded Torrents)
« on: January 28, 2008, 10:13:14 pm »
I just burned 2 Linux MCE CDs but ... CD1 won't boot! I burned it on 2 different CDs now and I also tried to run them on my dvd and cdrw drive, it just won't boot!

I couldn't find anything on this in the forums so I assume I'm the lucky first to encounter this strange problem? (All my other CDs boot without hesitation ...)

Users / Home Automation Protocols (X10, Insteon, Zwave, ...)
« on: January 27, 2008, 09:13:50 pm »
I'm currently *drowning* in all these different technologies... I thought X10 was the way to go, 'till I read a lot of reports of it being too slow and too unreliable.

I live in Europe, in Belgium, and although I got excited when I read all about Insteon, I also read it's only available for American electrical networks? Then I don't really know what to do, actually...

X10 is so old, it's universally supported but also outdated. Insteon is compatible with X10 but it's not available here (right?). I don't know what to think about all the others, I read that Zwave is too proprietary to use it reliably, and the "wireless only" thing kinda puts me of, actually (having a big house, you'd probably need a lot of signal boosting-devices)

Does anyone else in here have a good European Home Automation solution?

Users / "Wireless" core?
« on: January 25, 2008, 11:03:54 pm »
I was looking for something like LinuxMCE for a very long time and I discovered it today... Now, I always dreamt of an integrated media system and all, but never really thought a lot about the network itself, the cabling and such ...

To keep a long story short, could I make the core connect to the router wirelessly (to get an internet connection) and connect all my MDs to the core through utp cables? (I can't get a wire from the core to my router because, just a FEW days ago, I did some wall-changing things and stuffed the router away there (thinking I'd never need cables again.. ugh)

Err, or is this idea completely stupid? How is the wireless future for linuxMCE looking, anyway?

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