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Installation issues / Xantech ZC21 - Two zone connecting block
« on: November 10, 2009, 01:27:25 pm »

I would like to know if this connector block works well with lmce usbuirt. I need the two zone because I will have two cable boxes in the same place connected in my pvr 500. I have two double emmiters "xantech 286" and I need control of my home teather, 2 cable boxes and my samsung tv.

If work, do I need make some special configuration?

Thank you.

Hi all,

I did a fresh install using the 810 Beta DVD and after solve the basic problems, like black screen after reboot, and other "normal" things my system is running, but did not installed aplications like firefox (Im unable to run web admin panel from computing menu) and the most important, mythtv was not intalled. When I choose the option TV on UI, I receive one message saiyng some thing like "I´m unable to use this type of media..etc".

Anybody knows what is happening?




Installation issues / mythtv coloured bar [FIXED]
« on: August 20, 2009, 03:53:39 pm »
Hi all

When I start TV playback, one coloured bar appears on the botton of screen (picture attached).
I fix this using the front end setup, on playback setup menu, fixing vertical scale from 2 (original) to 11. But when I reload router or restart the core mythtv back to original configuration, changing the vertical scale to 2 again and the coloured bar apperars again.
Anyone knows how can I fix this? forever?

Another question, what is the maximum bitrate to use with PVR 500?

Thanks in advance.

I almost done!
But now I have another problem with mythtv and usbuirt. I thing this is because the "external channel changer script"

My cable box is controled by USB UIRT, and 2 weird things are happens when I select "TV" from menu on UI.

1- The TV is turned OFF automatically when i select TV on UI, and then, I need to turn it ON, after this all commands works like a charm.
2- When mythtv shows the first TV image, USB-UIRT send multiple commands to my cable box (e.g 334400) and I can´t change channels, because every time when I press the number of one channel, USB UIRT send other numbers, and the number I was trying to input is ignored.

Inside mythtv setup, I select channel 3 to "preset tuner to channel" and I type the command to use external change channels script, like show the wiki.

Thanks in advance.


After almost one year trying to make my sytem work 100%, I almost done.. but I have some problems and now I come to the forum to see if anybody can help me..sorry about my poor english but I think you can understand me.

1) I have a Fiire Chief and I can't control my channels because I use a cable box, or sattelite box, I don't know how can I call this, and it use the "composite" inputs to connect to my PVR 500. My question is.. I need to make a IR blaster? (sorry, I really don't have idea how to get this working, and IR Blaster is the only thing that I found referring to control channels...) Or anything to get the control of my channels on the cable box? And how can I make this?

2) I have a 32" Samsung LCD TV (LN32A330J1), and I can't control the volume... I just have control of the TV when I press the button "TV".. .but I would like to use the gyro function to control volume without need to press the TV button... and finally get the 3 buttons to control all in the LCME...

3) When I use the option "Power Off", I can't power off just the TV.. or I power off everything or when I press to turn off TV and nothing happens.

Well..that's it.

thanks in advance.

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