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Installation issues / Fails to start mce-installer
« on: June 01, 2008, 05:01:15 pm »
I had decided to go ahead and upgrade from 0710B4 to 0710RC2 but I have run into a snag. I've downloaded the CD ISO's to the desktop, I've installed mce-installer debian package, the "install mce" icon is on the desktop, but when I try to load it I get an error message that says "Failed to run ./mce-installer as root", followed by "Unable to copy users's Xauthorization file".

Has anybody else seen this? I don't see any mention of it in the postings. I tried running the /usr/share/mce-installer/ but then it errored out when it got to the 2nd CD ISO saying it couldn't cache it.

Now I seem to be stuck not knowing which way to go. I don't want to run a clean install, way too many customizations that I want to keep. Thanks for any input.

Both my MD's will automatically exit from MythTV after about 45 seconds every time.  This does not happen on the hybrid/core. If I run mythfrontend from the KDE desktop, I do not have this problem.  I've pasted the log below from one of my MDs.  Has anyone else seen this happen with 0710B4?

linuxmce@dcerouter:/usr/pluto/diskless/50/var/log/pluto$ sudo tail Spawn_mythfrontend_30109.log
2008-03-08 16:37:40.642 Unable to run plugin 'mythfrontend': not initialized
/usr/lib/mythtv/plugins/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
2008-03-08 16:37:40.642 MythPlugin::Init() dlerror:
2008-03-08 16:37:40.642 Unable to initialize plugin 'mythmythfrontend'.
2008-03-08 16:37:40.642 Unable to run plugin 'mythmythfrontend': not initialized
2008-03-08 16:37:40.643 MSqlQuery: SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value = 'MonitorDrives' AND hostname = 'moon50' ;
2008-03-08 16:37:40.643 MSqlQuery: SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value = 'NetworkControlEnabled' AND hostname = 'moon50' ;
2008-03-08 16:37:40.644 MSqlQuery: SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value = 'Theme' AND hostname = 'moon50' ;
2008-03-08 16:37:40.645 MSqlQuery: SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value = 'AllowQuitShutdown' AND hostname = 'moon50' ;
2008-03-08 16:37:41.686 MSqlQuery: SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value = 'Language' AND hostname = 'moon50' ;

I have an issue with MYTHTV not retaining the Interlace settings that I choose. Everytime when LMCE comes up after a reboot or restart router I have to re-do my customizations for interlacing. 

In MythtV I go to Settings - Playback - and uncheck the Interlacing mode option.  But when I reboot or restart the router it always goes back to the previous setting which is use Interlacing with Xv and BOB filtering.  I have problems with BOB causing stuttering in playback so I don't want to keep that setting.  I've tried to see where to set this in LMCEadmin permanently and in the MythTV global settings using http://dcerouter/mythweb.

This would seem to be a simple problem to resolve but I can't seem to find out how to fix it.  Thanks for any input.

Installation issues / Strange Media Director PXEBOOT behavior - FUbar'ed
« on: February 21, 2008, 01:43:44 am »
Ok, got a strange one here, where I PXEBOOT a pc and everything goes Haywire. I'm at a loss to why. 

Here's the situation:  I deleted one of my MDs because I kept on getting a video error message with the Nvidia drivers.  I went into webadmin and deleted the MD from the system.  Then I PXEbooted and the pc did the usual thing about announcing itself to the Core. Next it runs the DHCP_?.sh script, then the NFS? script.  Immediately after that it reboots and repeats these steps over again and again and again. 

Meanwhile on the Core/Hybrid I get a message saying "this seems to be a new orbiter, shall I set it up for you?"  Next the LMCE babe video starts up. Then I go into the LMCE webadmin tool and notice there is a new orbiter listed there, and also a new Media Director device created. The room listed for the new MD is same room my Core is in.  Well I already have a MD at that location. So it appears that LMCE is trying to create another one there.  This seems to confuse everything including me.  I tried changing the room location for it to where I wanted it to be but it won't stick.  I also get messages telling me such and such device #183 is invalid, shall I delete it. Hell yea, delete it for me.  Then once I delete the rabid Media director and the wayward orbiter in webadmin, things seeem to settle back down.   

So I'm wondering what has happened.  Did I screw something up when I deleted the MD?  I'm now unable to re-establish the MD I wanted to put back in the system. 



I bought the USBUIRT from and true to it's claim it did plug and pray install perfectly fine into my 0710 Core/Hybrid.  But for the life of me I can't get any remote I have to work with it.  I don't have a Microsoft MCE remote, which I have read here on the forums works well with it. I do have a couple dishnetwork universal remotes that I used with my dish receiver, and an assortment of others that were just laying around.  I go to the admin tool - advanced - media directors - and add the remotes in there using the device templates built in to 0710, but there really isn't an exact match for what I got.  I reload the router and go to LCME, press buttons, watch the red light blink on the UIRT, but nothing happens. WTF?

So should I spend MORE money and get a MS MCE remote, or can someone tell me how I would get one from my existing stash to work.  I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but when I cat /etc/hardware.conf and lircd.conf there isn't any configuration info in it.  Are these files used with USBUIRT?




Installation issues / Media Director bare bones system
« on: February 15, 2008, 07:10:59 pm »
First I want to say how much I have enjoying creating my home media system. I appreciate the work that has gone into making this a reality.  The learning curve was high (about1 1/2 months into it so far) but I'm a fast learner.  ;D

I've got my Core/hybrid going and a media director for the office. Next I am going to put together another m/d this weekend  for the master bedroom.

I found a barebones system that I'm going to try out. Here is the link to the specs of the system I purchased:

From the looks of it, I think it will work. I will report back my experience. 



Users / Routing Configuration Question
« on: February 12, 2008, 09:31:19 pm »
I have one more configuration issue I'm trying to resolve with my networking configuration.

Here is the scenerio:  I have a 500GB HP MediaVault  that currently has an IP address of, which I defined as static. Therefore it communicates fine with all my "regular" home w/s on this same subnet. I keep all my audio, pictures, and videos here.  However, the problem is the CORE hasn't mapped any CIFS shares to it, presumably because the way the CORE works it wants the HP unit to be on the 192.168.80.x subnet to discover it.
But, if I put it on this side of the LAN, I can't see it anymore from the "regular w/s" on the 192.168.1.x subnet. Acutally, I can't ping or see anything on the 192.168.80.x subnet from them.

So maybe I need some routing entries defined on the CORE so that they will see it, is this correct?  If so, is this done by adding routes, and what would the entries have to say?

For example would it be the following?

$ sudo route add -net netmask gw dev eth0 (eth0 being the external interface

  If I leave it the way it is now, I possibly could manually configure the network shares. But are there advantages to having the HP unit on the 192.168.80.x subnet besides the discoverabilty factor?

Thanks in advance for any input on this.


Users / Network configuration questions
« on: February 11, 2008, 09:05:26 pm »
Ok, I realize this may have been asked already ad naseum, but searching the forum I still don't seem to find the answer to this question:

First, this is my current setup.  My CORE has 2 network interfaces, ETH0:, and ETH1:
ETH0 goes to my Belkin Wifi Router ( ETH1 goes to a 10/100mbit switch.  My M/D's all connect to this switch.  My regular w/s's all use wifi to connect to the Belkin router, and DHCP is turned off here. DHCP is on of course on the CORE.

My concern is this: If I let my regular worstations get their DHCP address from the CORE (i.e. if they all get 192.168.80.x addresses) how will they get routed to the internet if the CORE happens to be not up. Because in reality the CORE is going to be down at times.  Will they be unable to since the CORE isn't able to route the data? Since my wife gets pretty frustrated with me if the "internet" is down, I don't want to implement this networking topology.

What I've done instead is assign static IP addresses to my "regular computers" (which use wifi, i.e. 192.168.1.x ip addresses) which don't depend on the CORE being up to get to the internet.  This seems to work fine except that if I want to see the COREs external IP address  I have to disable the CORE firewall all-together.  This doesn't really bother me since is inside the hardware firewall anyway.  This allows me to install Windows Orbiters and other good stuff.

Is this the "correct" and accepted way of setting up this network scheme? Are there any firewall rules I can implement on the CORE instead of turning off the firewall?  If I turn on DHCP on the Belkin broadband router will this cause problems on the internal network? 

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