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Users / "add on" for Kubuntu please
« on: January 09, 2008, 05:53:16 pm »
I installed Linux MCE at my computer with an ATI X800 card
my first attempt wa wrong because I suposed I must choose high video quality,
I tried with low, and it worked.

But, when I tried to use Kubuntu, I did not find synaptic and apt get.

I wanted to install Envy to proceed to install ATI propietary drivers.

It would be a solution to add Envy to the distro for Nvidia and ATI propietary drivers to install. it is open source but allows to install propietary drivers over the internet.

But this post is to ask that MCE can make a installation script for Kubuntu installations, then it would be as a program, an update or something similar, call it as you want, having at any TV or PC best of both words, a complete and upgradable Linux distribution, and a media center.

Or to incorporate the distribution synaptic for uograding the distribution and add some software.

As there are no languages but english, it would be useful some tool to keep Kubuntu with language settings, mine is spanish, and, till there are no spanish version, Pluto (MCE frontend) with english.

It would be a good idea too, to put in a database all the Pluto commands, in order to a quick translation, even with glossaries that exists to make this kind of translations, and video subtitles for the video speech until that subtitles would be translated to each language.

Obviously for the main propose it is a great distribution, but I think it would be better, if it becomes too a great multimedia "program" "enviroment" or any name you want to give it for Kubuntu distributions to add.

Thanks for all

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