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Installation issues / Black screen after Kubuntu loader
« on: December 18, 2007, 03:08:31 am »
My system is hanging after using the DVD installer, it has completed kubuntu installation it seems and after loading kubuntu I see a quick screen which appears to be loading ubuntu, then a few weird high pitched noises from the computer and it's hanging on a black screen :X Tried switching the DVI input to VGA and the same thing, rebooted a few times and the same result.

I'm installing LinuxMCE on a box with 3 SATA drives, 1 which has XP loaded already, and 2 which are for storage. The 20gb PATA drive is the installation drive, and yes is set in BIOS as default loader (it's also Primary master). When i boot into windows to check out how the PATA drive w/ the partially loaded LinuxMCE is doing, windows doesn't recognize the drive and Partition Magic shows "BAD" on the drive...any help???

PS: yes the HD is okay, I used it in my last system config for 6+ months with no issues

Installation issues / Hard Drive question
« on: December 17, 2007, 01:12:42 am »
I'm setting up my PC to run LinuxMCE now and have a plethera of Hard Drives to choose to run as the OS and am wondering about the performance if I were to use my smallest 20gb Maxtor 2mb cache 7200 RPM. It's old and pretty much useless and I would thus like it to be the OS drive, but am wondering if it will affect the performance of the machine. It's a Opteron 139 CPU with 2.25gb ddr2 pc4200, will the hard drive be a severe enough bottleneck to create any issues, or should it run LinuxMCE alright?

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