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Installation issues / Diskless_***.sh & PXE
« on: March 20, 2012, 09:07:19 am »
Hi all,

Firstly thanks for all for there hard work. I'm up and running!

Secondly, just a quick one. Is it standard practice to have to break out of the GUI and run the Diskless scripts (default/TBZ) or are they meant to run automatically when you run the install script first time around?

I spent ages without any PXE working because there were no images in  /tftpboot/

I eventually got it kind of working having manually added the MD/Orbitor and run the TBZ script. It wasn't untill I deleted that MD/Orbiter (as recommend a number of times) and ran the default diskless script that I got the 'announced to core message' and things ran smoothly.

So is this normal or is my system just out of whack?

Core - IBM X345 server
MD - Dell GX620

Once again, thanks TEAM!

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