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Developers / 3rd party interfacing help offered
« on: December 07, 2007, 10:44:57 pm »
This project is very exciting.  A WORKING MCE environment that is open to be set up as required!  I am a professional AV integrator and, as such, my background is in working peoples' homes delivering reliable solutions.  The PC MCE does not fit this YET.  But it will.  I am here to answer any questions about interfacing with devices in the AV/"home automation" worlds where I have some experience that you guys don't.  I am making the new year's resolution to learn my way around Linux properly.  I have done some embedded programming in C and assembly in the past but I need to fill in the gaps between there and windows!  Feel free to ask questions at tom underscore evered at hotmail dot com.  I would love to see this as the controllable, reliable, stable, scaleable media server product that I have never been able to offer before!


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