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Users / Insteon and ZWave compatable controlers
« on: December 28, 2007, 08:24:59 pm »
I have done some searching, and read the Wiki articles. From what i can tell is that there is development work being done on Insteon and it works, but i didnt see any posts saying hardware compatability for the controlers. As for Zwave i know that the new USB modules do not work, as as far as i can tell the only model that has been tested and confirmed working is a discontinued model that can be difficult to find.

My questions are these. I see that they list PLC as a supported controler, Is what they are refering to? According to smarthome this is version 2 of the device. As well as from what i have read that the Insteon code is still in development, is it included in the 704 build or is there additional steps required to get this working.

In regards to zwave, are there plans to support the current Intermatic controlers or is the fact that the manufacturer provides only Windows drivers the hold up and there is not much that can be done in terms of support at this time?

Basically i am looking for a controler that is fairly current and available that will allow control of zwave switches and devices.

I have also updated the zwave wiki to reflect that the current intermatic controlers are not supported as well.

Users / Tested Good / Tested Bad hardware
« on: November 23, 2007, 04:55:50 am »
If the mods dont appreciate this thread, feel free to delete it. But frankly hardware changes quickly and the wiki is a bit lacking in terms of tested and used hardware. If this proves usefull maybe we can get it pinned to cut down on the number of "im new and buying stuff" questions. To keep it simple it would probably make sense to keep the posts in a semi standard format, i have posted an example below which i think is easy to read quickly.

Code: [Select]
===== Tested [b]GOOD[/b]/[b]BAD[/b] =====
[b]Hardware Category:[/b]

[b]Brief description of specs:[/b]

[b]Notes on setup process:[/b]

===== Tested BAD =====
Hardware Category:Preconfigured Workstation
Model:Precision 370 workstation

Brief description of specs: P4 workstation with SATA onboard RAID

Notes on setup process: Durring setup process i encountered several issues which at this point leads me to say not supported. First on boot the tutorial videos can not play. Second when you get past the video config if you select anything other than "No Audio" the set up wizard starts over again. Still working on this set up to try to narrow down the problem hardware in this preconfigured system

Users / Yet another set of pre-purchase questions
« on: November 22, 2007, 02:08:08 am »
i have a few questions that i have come up with since browsing the wiki and these forums.

1)First is in terms of live TV. I have seen a few things here and there about the quality and ability to stream live TV. Is this a common issue, or can it be easily prevented with picking the correct hardware upfront?

2) Core hardware recomendations. I am currently attempting to install onto a dell precision P4 based workstation and am having no luck what so ever, When i put the DVD in i cant even get the video guide to play, and for some reason when i select the audio out option if i chose anything other than none, it starts over again at the video selection screen. What i am looking for is a motherboard sugestion that has been tested and confirmed working good. I checked out the Wiki, but the mainboards section does not seem well maintained.

3) X10 use. This is another thing that the Wiki is lacking, X10 support. I am looking to get a cm11a module controled via the serial interface (if so included on the above suggested motherboard). Also i am looking to primarly control lighting, but i would like to expand out to the motion sensors, are these supported?

As i come up with more questions ill add them, but those are my main ones as i plan out my system at this moment.


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