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Installation issues / Installation on MSI K9N2GM-FD
« on: September 19, 2008, 11:26:18 pm »
Hello guys,

I'm being a bit down at the moment. After fucking around with some older and noisy hardware I decided to build a new setup with brand new components all coming from the Wiki setups to save some time and money. Here are the parts for the sake of the conversation:

- Antec fusion remote
- AMD X2 4450E
- Intel Pro/1000GT PCIe x1
- Adaptec EC 1430SA + 2*TB disk mirrored

I went trough the wiki and my local distributor was able to get MSI K9N2GM-FIH which is the second listed model from the wiki but with the HDMI output instead of the DVI.

I tried the LinuxMCE x32 installation DVD. The installation goes through with no problem but went restarting as script fails when starting LinuxMCE and just fails so often/fast repetitions that I cannot switch to a different terminal to login and try to debug.

Then I tried the LinuxMCE x64 DVD installation. The installation won't work: the installer starts but as soon as it starts copying data on the hard disk, black screen and there nothing to do...

The installation won't work with Kubuntu 7.10 x64: The installer starts but as soon as it starts copying data on the hard disk, black screen and there nothing to do so I bet the this is a Kubuntu installer issue.

I have now tried to use the multiple CDs (x32) to install Kubuntu 7.10 first and then LMCE. It gets stuck as well :(

With all the installations, I have tried to remove the cards on the 2 PCIe ports and plug the hard disks straight on the motherboard to remove the variables, but it didn't change a thing.

The Wiki states:
   1. download and install alternate kubuntu 7.10 install
   2. download Nvidia 1.71.06 driver (Beta)
   3. install drivers (per nvidia instructions)
   4. reboot and begin install of LMCE
   5. run avwizard and configure display
   6. reboot into recovery mode and reinstall nvidia drivers
   7. proceed with normal setup

It also states that this mother board has been performing well especially on x64 setup as MD and core hybrid so I don't get why it just won't work with me.

Would anybody be able to help me there? I'm really desperate to get it working.



Users / Compatible graphic card with AGP x8???
« on: December 01, 2007, 10:54:18 pm »
Hey guys,

I've been trying for more that 3 weeks now to make my installation work properly but I'm kicking my head on the wall. I have a Radeon 9550 but the transparency does not work with this model, I cannot see any video... Problems only problems.

Could someone give me an AGP x8 graphic card reference that fully works with LinuxMCE? I'm really desperate to get it working at the moment!

A list of compatible hardware would be more than welcomed in the Wiki. That would have saved me a graphic card already...

Thanks for any entries,


Users / Can't see videos
« on: November 25, 2007, 01:52:00 pm »
Hey fellows,

I'm banging my head on the wall right now. Here are the symptoms:

I finally managed to install a Radeon 9550 using the tutorial here

I am only using the multimedia features at the moment: audio, videos...

I can without any problems see the list of songs and start to play them.

The problem comes with videos. With the default skin, I cannot see the list of videos, only a black square on top of it. If I click somewhere a video starts and I can see the video.

Now using a different skin, I can see the list of videos but as soon as I start a movie, I can only see a black screen on top of the video!

If I press F1 to go to the menu I can see the different menus and the video but as soon as I do a right click to hide the controls: black screen!

Does someone have any ideas of what to do next???

Also I use UI2 without transparency since I could make it work with it.



P.S: hardware used if it helps:
  • Asrock K7S41GX
  • Sempron 2600
  • 1GB RAM
  • Radeon 9550

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