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Installation issues / onboard video vs video card
« on: March 18, 2008, 09:41:22 pm »
First here are my up and running linux MCE specs:

Core/ Hybrid
Intel Celeron 340 2.93Ghz 533FSB Socket 478
Aopen s661GXm-U Socket 478 Motherboard
3 pci slots, 1 agp
2 Hauppauge 150’s

MD 1 option 1
Compaq D310v
1.8 ghz
1 g.b. ram
1 agp.
3 pci

MD1 OPTION 2 ( cheezy, yet faster)
Gateway 310 s
2.4 ghz celeron 
1 g.b ram
478 socket
Intel® Extreme Graphics controller
3 pci slots
No pci-e, no agp
No spdif

I need some help understanding how on board video cards compare to a dedicated video card. I have never game’d so the video card specs are fairly new to me. I know many are using various integrated nvidia 6100, 7150, m705,  cards with much luck. I also know that the suggestion for hd and UI2 blending is a 6200 with a least 128 on board.

 Q1. How does that compare to an onboard nvidia. I never see any onboard memory ( ie 128 or 256) listed for an integrated chipset. Does it just use the mobo’s memory?

 Q 2 if so is there a performance difference. I would think that dedicated onboard memory of a card would be better then sharing system memory. I’m at a point where I need to add video cards to enable UI2 and hd so I can and add a hd tuner..  My problem is that a 6200 in agp is around $55. I see many mobo’s mentioned on this forum such as a AN-M2HD for under $80 that include integrated nvidia, hdmi/dvi and digital audio out ( optical or coaxial). If I’m gonna spend $55 on just video, I may as well just get new mobo’s and not have to worry about audio. Problem is I can’t find a mobo with integrated nvidia, hdmi/dvi and digital audio out that supports my celeron processors. Adding a processor to the AN-M2HD or such is another $70+.  I’d hate to have to upgrade mobo’s, processors, and memory, especially since my processors are fast enough to support this system that is running, yet i want UI2 blending.

Q.4 Should I upgrade video cards, or bite the bullet and upgrade mobos. I don’t want to fight a losing battle. Suggestions?

TIA Shaun

Users / Mds not booting Cisco switch Spantree
« on: January 04, 2008, 06:18:03 pm »
I stumbled across this issue and figured that I’d post it in hopes that it may help someone else down the line since not everyone attempting LMCE is a networker.

Background info: Spanning tree (STP) is a protocol that runs on network switches and discovers and disables multiple paths on a LAN. This is done to prevent loops in the network. This is done this through a series of blocking/listening/learning/forwarding of STP information before other data is allowed to pass. This feature is necessary on switch up link ports, but is not needed on client ports. 
Port fast is a STP feature of that by passes the blocking/listening/learning states of the switch port and allows it to immediately start forwarding. It is intended for server and workstation ports, important for prevent dhcp and bootp from timing out. Unfortunately it is disabled by default on Cisco and many other business grade network switches.

So how is this related to LMCE. I was trying to boot a MD plugged into both a Cisco 2950 and again with a Cisco 3550 switch, and it wouldn’t boot. I noticed that MD’s switch port link light was staying orange (indicating its not up), it wouldn’t turn green to indicating a good link is up until about a second before the MD pxe/bootp attempt timed out and rebooted. I switched it to an old hub and it worked fine. So I logged into my switch and enabled the Portfast feature one the MD’s switch port and it booted just fine.
Config example for a Cisco 24 port 2950 switch, MD was on port 23

Switch: config t
Switch (config) : interface fa 0/23
Switch (config): spanning-tree portfast
Switch (config): end

Users / anyone got detailed fiire engine specs
« on: December 20, 2007, 05:09:32 pm »
i was wondering whats the model is of the sound card that has optical and coaxial out. It doesn't look like a full blown sound card, but maybe a daughter card that is just has outputs and atttaches internally to the mobo via cables as apposed to a sound card in a slot that actually processes the sound.

also whats the model/part number for the video out card , it appears the same as just a output only card.  it has composite, component, and s-video. I belive the nvidia chipset is in the mobo, so this is just additional outputs.

Anyone know any more about either of these?

Thanks Shaun

Users / 9 Newbiee questions
« on: December 17, 2007, 05:45:14 pm »
sorry for the long post , i didn't want to make 9 posts since some of the Q's are just yes or no. Here are my newbie questions, I did search (a lot) and have been lurking for a while, but just need to clarify a few things before I drop some $ on new hardware. So far I have this installed and running:
Room 1: LMCE Core/Hybrid Intel 3.0ghz, 1 gb RAM, dvd drive,
Edtv plasma 480p (with rs232 not yet used) and a  5.1 receiver, no ir blasting yet.

Room2: LMCE MD intel 1.1 ghz, 512 mb ram
720p projector, 5.1 receiver

LMCE so far works fine, streams from the dvd drive, stored dvds and downloaded movies, pics, and music.

I Plan to stream local hd (qam) and analog cable to both rooms. And will buy the following:
Add to room 1 / core -Hdhomerun, Hauppauge wintv-500 kit, GO 2.4 Optical Air Mouse, nvidia 6200 128mb  pci ( not pci-e)
Add room 2 / MD, hauppauge remote and IR blaster from above kit, nvidia 6200 128mb agp.

 1. Can I use my old xbox mce( not 360) to stream live tv or at least watch the non hd movies from my LMCE PVR? No talking about xbox booting up as a MD, but just accessing the PVR files, better question may be can a non LMCE device such as a windows box acccess the PVR files, if so is this practical. The current XMCE interface rocks and it automatically accesses windows shares.

2. If I save a file/movie to pvr or copy it or download at HD resolution and want to watch it on a non HD capable tv through a weaker MD that lacks HD support/outputs, say an old laptop, will LMCE down convert it and play it or is it not possible?

3. Will the Hauppauge mce remote and IR reader will work on the md even though the Hauppauge card is in the core/hybrid.

4. Will this setup allow full 1080p steaming and playback down the road from broadcast/blueray/hddvd, assuming the nvidias I buy have at least 128 onboard? Some forum posts stated hd tv is choppy, I’m looking for a smooth picture.

5. Does the pvr storage space have to be local to the core via sata/ide/usb or can it store on an xp file server somewhere else on the network. If so are there any performance issue and should the file server be on the external home network or the private LMCE 192.168.80.x. MD network.

6. What network should the HDHOMERUN be on, the external or the private LMCE 192.168.80.x network.
7. I should be able to run full HD up to 1080p over vga/ HD15 connector? Is there any reason to seek hdmi or dvi for just video I fully understand the differneces of the cables, but if both my plasma and projector have VGA/HD15 connectors I see no reason not tio use them for the short runs of less then 15 feet. Are there any clear advantages that I’m not aware of?

8. Universal remotes. I have a Logitech harmony programmable. Can I use this, it has to be programmed to control a device, LMCE isn’t in the supported devices list (lol) so how can I program LMCE to use this if the remote has to be programmed itself. Is there a generic device that I should program to that has been tested and works? Does this make any sense?

9. Does any one know of a cheap as dirt audio solution for optical or coaxial output that is supported maybe even USB. I looks like the only none-onboard solution in wiki is the SB Live card , but its listed as stereo only and S/PDIF is unreliable. I don’t want to upgrade the MBs if they provide everything else and work fine.

Thanks Shaun

Users / MD hdmi & optical under $200
« on: December 12, 2007, 11:58:28 pm »
Has anyone seen the Sagetv stx-hd100. it supports 1080p. I can’t find info on the video card processor, or ram and it only supports sagetv not myth, but if we can get driver support and make it boot into lmce, I think it will make an awesome MD for $199.

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